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[EVENT] Jan 22, 2019: Government Funding & Equipment Financing Solutions

To overcome growth challenges, businesses should consider using a combination of equity, bank financing, and government funding. Each source of investment capital supports aggressive but sustainable growth plans and enables companies to act on emerging market opportunities.
Fortunately, GTA-based businesses can learn more about Canadian and Ontario government funding by attending

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[EVENT] Leadership Trust = Leadership Character: June 7 in London

High-performing organizations have leaders whose character shines. Courage, drive, accountability, integrity, and good judgement are the mainstays of what leaders bring to the table; however, great leaders also embrace humility, justice, humanity, patience, collaboration, and transcendence. These are the 11 dimensions of Leader Character.
Southwestern Ontario businesses can learn about Leader

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What Can Business Leaders Learn from Competitive Athletes?

Business professionals can learn a vast amount of leadership skills from competitive athletes. There are powerful similarities between elite athletes and business leaders; both are hard-working, dedicated, and persevere through challenges to become better than they were the previous day. Business leaders and athletes both strive for goals, work hard

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