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How Digital Tools Can Improve Employee Training

The digital economy has grown to $2.9 trillion in just 20 years and is disrupting every industry. Digital technologies have improved productivity, created new products and services, enabled new business models, and blurred the boundaries between industries.
But how are we using technology to improve the skills development and training of

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[WEBINAR] April 23: Training Grants for Workforce Development

Targeted training programs can help Canadian companies scale operations, reduce talent gaps, and foster innovative problem solving. But despite the clear benefits of workforce development, few companies allocate enough capital to nurturing world-class talent.
Employers should consider tapping into government funding programs to boost their training budgets.
During the Training Grants for

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[WEBINAR] March 27: Training Grants for Upskill Development

Targeted training programs for employee development can help Canadian companies scale operations and establish a competitive advantage. But despite the clear benefits of workforce progression, few organizations allocate enough capital to invest in upskill, leadership, and operational development.
Organizations want growth, and the ability to sustain success in the constantly changing

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