Alberta at Work Opens Workforce Strategies Grant to Support a Growing Workforce

The government has opened a new small business grants Alberta intake for a hiring and training program called Workforce Strategies. This initiative is designed to assist businesses in the hiring and training of employees with the goal of supporting the skill development of Albertans to build a more robust workforce.

“Alberta recognizes the need to create pathways to success for all Albertans. Workforce Strategies Grants will invest to help Albertans develop new skills and assist employers and industry to grow their workforce. Workforce Strategies grant funding is intended to provide eligible applicants the ability to implement solutions that support skills, and employment and workforce development needs by supporting innovative projects.”

Alberta at Work

The Workforce Strategies grant is supporting organizations through the following three streams:

  1. Skills Development Stream;
  2. Regional and Employer-Focused Stream; and
  3. Industry-Focused Stream.

This increase in funding is a result of the revised support that Alberta’s 2022 provincial budget allotted for the small business grants Alberta at Work program. Total funding for the next three years will amount to over $600 million and will be used to drastically improve areas such as employee hard skills, hiring support, and much more. To learn more about the Alberta provincial budget, visit our Alberta Provincial Budget 2022 blog which highlights the most important changes that businesses should know about.

Funding Amount

Although there are multiple funding streams that may be available for Alberta organizations, each stream may provide up to a maximum of $1.5 million in funding per project. Funding is limited so applicants should expect the program to operate on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Applicant Eligibility

Applicant eligibility for the Workforce Strategies grant vary in criteria according to stream. However, applicants for all streams must at a minimum be a legal Canadian organization located in Alberta. To learn more about the individual applicant eligibility criteria, visit the Workforce Strategies program page for a comprehensive list.

Eligible Projects

As the Workforce Strategies grant has three streams, each one has different activities and outcomes available. However, each stream targets the following project areas:

  1. Through the Skills Development Stream, unemployed Albertans can re-skill by receiving training and/or services that will result in new skills acquisition and employment;
  2. The Regional and Employer-Focused Stream supports employer-led initiatives addressing regional workforce challenges; and
  3. The Industry-Focused Stream addresses provincial workforce needs through industry-led projects.

To see the all-encompassing list of eligible project activities for this provincial grant opportunity, visit the Alberta government’s Workforce Strategies program page.

Program Timelines

All streams of this program have a deadline of July 22, 2022, for submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI).

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