thriveFORWARD​ – Up to $100K in Tech Adoption Grants for Manufacturers in Southern Ontario

As we learn to move on from the pandemic and build resiliency within the provinces manufacturing sector, the thriveFORWARD grant funding program has been launched with the goal of creating jobs throughout southern Ontario by promoting a green economy, fostering an inclusive recovery, and enhancing competitiveness. This funding program will help manufacturers future-proof their organizations by subsidizing a portion of cost to adopt innovative new technologies.

thriveFORWARD applications are currently being accepted on a continuous basis until all funding has been allocated or until December 31, 2023.

A total of 145 ventures are expected to benefit from this program, including those focusing on food production, medical supplies, and bio-manufacturing, as well as those which support digital transformation, including cybersecurity readiness, productivity enhancements, and operational resilience.

Program Snapshot: thriveFORWARD

Amount of Funding: 

Successful applicants could receive up to 50% of eligible project costs to a max of $100,000 to support innovative technology adoption or commercialization activities. Projects require a minimum of a 1:1 funding to business spending ratio.

Eligibility Criteria: ​

In order to be eligible for the thriveFORWARD program, all businesses must meet each of the following criteria:

  1. Registered industrial for-profit incorporated business, partnership or cooperative; ​
  2. Located in southern Ontario; ​
  3. Have fewer than 500 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees; and ​
  4. Declared $100,000 to $100 million in annual revenue in Canada during its last complete tax reporting year (or during the last 12 months for monthly and quarterly filers).

Eligible Projects:

The thriveFORWARD does not have specific criteria that a project must abide by, but instead they will determine a projects eligibility based on overarching themes, including:

  1. Create and retain jobs in Southern Ontario;
  2. Future-proofing, Resilience and Business Growth;
  3. Critical Sectors (food production, medical supplies, or bio-manufacturing sectors);
  4. Priority Client Pathways: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; or
  5. Going Green, or Digital Technology Adoption.

Apply for the thriveFORWARD Program:

Applications for the thriveFORWARD program will be accepted on a continuous basis until the funding is allocated or until December 31, 2023. ​Certain costs may be eligible on a retroactive basis up to 12 months before the receipt of the project application, but no earlier than April 19, 2021. ​If you’re interested in applying for this program, we strongly encourage you to apply with Mentor Works, the professional government grant application writing team, to give your thriveFORWARD application the best chance at getting approved.

If you’re a manufacturer looking to expand your business, download our free Government Funding to Expand Manufacturing Production slide deck to learn about Canadian government funding programs for business expansion, capital and technology adoption, R&D, hiring, and training.

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