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CanExport International Marketing Grants: Frequently Asked Questions

The CanExport Canadian government funding program supports export marketing development projects. Businesses can receive grants for projects including government-led trade missions and participation in trade shows. By accessing Canadian government grants for these types of activities, businesses can reduce the risks associated with expanding international reach, ultimately helping to accelerate

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[WEBINAR] May 16: Diversifying into New Sectors and Markets

Canadian businesses are fortunate when it comes to exporting and trade diversification, since the federal and provincial governments support a wide range of strategic projects focused on building export capacity and reaching/expanding international markets. Over the next five years, the Government of Canada has committed $1.1 billion to help Canadian

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CAP Agriculture Funding: $6.1 for Canadian Pork Industry

The Canadian Pork Council (CPC) has been a voice for Canadian hog producers for over 50 years, representing 7,000 farms. The council acts as a leader in achieving and maintaining a successful Canadian pork sector, being involved in many initiatives such as animal health, market development, and on-farm assurance programs.

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