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Canadian industry and trade associations that support and promote our country’s expanding sectors and growing markets are internationally recognized as some of the most creative, innovative organizations in the world. Expanding beyond Canada can have massive, positive impacts for associations, the businesses involved, and on a global stage. And yet, even the most significant associations are often short on the time and/or resources required to build an export strategy, which leads to a lack of effort when it comes to global expansion.

CanExport Associations provides up to 75% to a maximum $400,000/year in export grants to Canadian industry and trade organizations looking to conduct international global expansion projects.

With export grants for global expansion, Canadian associations can explore new markets through leading research and innovation projects with international partners. Discovering and creating an international business development plan for targeting and expanding to new markets can be incredibly beneficial for Canadian industry and trade associations, especially with the help of government funding.

Export Grants for Canadian Association Global Expansion

The CanExport Associations stream of funding allows Canadian national industry associations and trade organizations to access up to $400,000 in funding per year. CanExport Associations covers up to 75% of eligible costs for new or expanded international business development (IBD) activities that benefit industry innovation and economic growth.

The 2021-22 CanExport Associations funding round is now open. Applicants must submit an application by January 12, 2021.

CanExport Associations: Applicant Eligibility

Eligible Applicants:

  • Canadian national industry or trade associations
  • Canadian national bilateral chambers of commerce and business councils
  • Canadian national horizontal / multi-sectoral organizations
  • Canadian national organizations representing companies majority owned by under-represented groups in trade (e.g. Indigenous, women, LGBTQ2+)
  • Organizations must:
    – be incorporated
    – not sell products that are sold by members
    – have sufficient private revenues to cover 25% of costs for proposed activities
    – be confirmed by 2 years of financial statements for the past 2 years
    – have a 3-year, board-approved, international business development strategy

What Activities Does CanExport Associations Support?

CanExport Associations will support the following non-travel activities for eligible applicants:

  • Export training
  • Updating IBD strategy, or creating a strategy for market diversification
  • Gathering market intelligence (custom research, reports, and studies)
  • Creating, adapting, or translating marketing/promotional tools and materials
  • Attending virtual trade shows, networking functions, meetings, or conferences

When travel permits, CanExport Associations will also support the following travel activities:

  • Visits to foreign markets
  • Organizing trade missions for SMEs in your industry
  • Organizing an incoming delegation of foreign buyers
  • In-person participation at trade shows, networking functions, meetings, or conferences – as an exhibitor, or to advocate on behalf of your industry with foreign counterparts

What Expenses are Covered for Global Expansion Projects?

Please note that due to COVID, CanExport Associations will not support travel expenses at this time.

Eligible expenses include:

  • Market information (E.g. purchasing market intelligence reports to develop market diversification plans or strategy)
  • Consultant fees (E.g. business consultants, market specialists, or IBD specialists)
  • Professional services (E.g. writing, editing, graphic design, marketing, translation, or interpretation)
  • Advertising (E.g. website development targeting foreign customers, or targeted materials to promote trade opportunities for Canadian industry)
  • Printing, mailing, and shipping fees
  • Renting rooms and equipment for meetings

How to Apply for CanExport Associations Export Grants

What is the Application and Project Timeline?

  • Applicants cannot incur project expenses until they have been approved for funding
  • Projects should take place between April 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022
  • Register an Intent to Apply prior to submission
  • Applicants must submit an application by January 12, 2021.

Discover Your Export Strategy with Mentor Works

Considering how CanExport Associations could support your global expansion plans and goals? Contact Mentor Works to evaluate whether your project is a good fit for export grants. Our team will help align your upcoming project with funding opportunities, and streamline the application process with knowledge and experience in government funding.

To learn more about export and expansion strategies for your association and/or business, download our free Canadian Guide to Export Expansion white paper for insights on trade statistics, market data, exporting news, and more.

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