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$1.18M Awarded to BC Company from SD Tech Fund

A Vancouver, BC company has received $1,181,944 in Canadian government funding to develop and scale up production of advanced battery materials. Nano One Materials Corp. received cleantech funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC or SD Tech), for a project that will provide battery technology for electric vehicles and renewable

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SD Tech Fund: $6M for Energy Efficient Membrane Separation Technology

Imtex Membranes, based in Mississauga, ON, is a cleantech company that serves the petrochemical industry by specializing in the separation of gases using advanced membrane separation technology. This technology is expected to deliver significant energy and emissions reductions in petrochemical operations, particularly vehicle tire production. Imtex Membranes has received cleantech

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SD Tech Fund Awards $12M for Clean Magnesium Production Technology

Canadian companies are continuing to develop innovative products and processes to solve environmental challenges. Quebec-based Alliance Magnesium is one of these innovative companies and has recently been awarded clean technology grants for their environmentally friendly mining project. The company has created a clean magnesium technology in efforts to position itself

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SD Tech Fund Awards Cleantech Grants to 3 Ontario Businesses

To further promote the use of clean technologies, the Government of Canada is providing nearly $8 million in funding to support three Ontario-based companies. The investment will help each company accelerate the development of their clean energy technologies.

Canadian government funding will provided through Sustainable Development Technology Canada’s SD Tech Fund,

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SD Tech Fund Awards $2.5M in Solar Cleantech Grants

In March 2016, QD Solar Inc. was awarded $2.5 million in Canadian government grants to help commercialize its latest clean technology development project. This investment has helped enhance and accelerate the market readiness of the company’s new solar photovoltaic technologies.

This contribution was provided by the SD Tech Fund, which supports

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How Electric Vehicles are Gaining Worldwide Popularity

The future of electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly clear. Battery and engine technologies are being researched and developed at record pace; this has allowed global consumer demand to increase steadily. As more consumers begin to understand the technology and feel comfortable investing in electric vehicles, the market will become

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