SD Tech Fund Awards $58.6M in Clean Technology Grants to 14 Companies

SD Tech Fund CleanTech Grants for Canadian Businesses

The Government of Canada has awarded 14 innovative companies government funding for clean technology development projects. These cleantech projects will create jobs, provide solutions for a variety of environmental challenges, and help Canada meet its climate change goals.

14 Canadian companies have received a combined total of $58,600,000 in cleantech grants from the Sustainable Development Technology Canada’s SD Tech Fund.

The Sustainable Development Technology Canada’s SD Tech Fund supports pre-commercial cleantech innovation research and development projects with clean technology funding. These projects aid in the search for sustainable energy and waste management solutions. The projects chosen to receive funding have the potential to deliver significant and quantifiable benefits to Canada’s economy and environment.

SD Tech Fund Awards $58.6M in Cleantech Grants

Companies from Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia have received Canadian government funding for their cleantech projects. These projects are creating good middle-class jobs across the county and helping position Canada as a global centre for innovation.

A total of $58.6M from the Sustainable Development Technology Canada’s SD Tech Fund is being invested into 14 companies across Canada.

Ten of the awarded projects include:


Sanexen Environmental Services Inc., Varennes ($1,000,000): Sanexen Environmental Services Inc. is developing a cost-effective way to rehabilitate water mains to allow better water conservation while reducing the environmental impact.

Carbicrete, Westmount ($2,100,000): Carbicrete is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the concrete industry through a new process that enables production of cement-free, carbon-negative concrete.


VueReal Inc., Waterloo ($8,500,000): VueReal Inc. will use its cleantech grants for micro-LEF technology to tackle macro energy use in flat panel displays.

Yava Alumina, Toronto ($9,900,000): Yava Alumina is developing a proprietary, environmentally responsible process for recovering high-purity alumina used in smartphones and LED lighting with clean tech grants from the SD Tech Fund.

Ranovus, Ottawa ($8,000,000): Ranovus will use its Canadian government funding to create technologies that will enable power-efficient cloud-based infrastructure to bring economic and environmental benefits to data centres.

Li-Cycle Corp., Missisauga ($2,700,000): Li-Cycle Corp. has received clean technology funding to advance an innovative process for the recovery and recycling of valuable materials from lithium-ion batteries of all types.


Ambyint Inc., Calgary ($3,400,000): Ambyint Inc. will apply machine learning to optimize pump operations for oil and gas wells.

British Columbia

Semios, Vancouver ($9,900,000): Semios will use its clean technology funding for data and machine learning to improve tree fruit and nut crops while using less water and reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

Terramera, Vancouver ($2,500,000): Terramera will use funding from the SD Tech Fund to develop a biopesticide for use in Canadian agricultural markets.

Clir Renewables, Richmond ($1,500,000): Clir Renewables is utilizing Canadian government funding to use data and automation to help wind farms optimize power production and assess the performance of their assets over time.

About Sustainable Development Technology Canada’s SD Tech Fund

The SD Tech Fund is a Canadian government funding program administered by Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC). The program is designed to support small and medium-sized Canadian businesses who are advancing clean technology innovations by developing and demonstrating cleantech solutions.

Applicants can receive up to 33% of eligible project expenses with a total funding contribution ranging from $200,000 to $15,000,000 in cleantech grants.

The four focus areas where eligible clean technologies can be applied are clean soil, clean air, climate change, and clean water.

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