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AgriMarketing Export Marketing Grants: Up to $50,000

International market development should be a top priority for Canadian food producers and processors. Expanding into new markets provides access to additional consumers and business opportunities, however many companies are often reluctant to invest in these risky projects. Instead of exploring untapped markets, may food producers and processors take the

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Greenbelt Fund Local Food Investment Fund Grants: Apply by September 12, 2016

Ontario’s dynamic agriculture industry continues to grow and diversify thanks to key investments from federal, provincial, and local sources. Canadian government funding programs, in addition to advocacy initiatives for local food consumption, have helped agricultural producers and processors increase revenues and introduce new products and services. This approach has been

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Manufacturing in the Age of Consumer-Level 3D Printing

Manufacturing has traditionally required a dedicated infrastructure, production team, and resource management system. These barriers to entry have given businesses near-exclusive control over the type of products available to consumers.

However, with the recent advancements in additive manufacturing, such as affordable 3D printers, consumers are now given the freedom to design

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10 Benefits of Implementing a CRM System in Your Canadian Business

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation is a strategic investment for businesses who are growing and developing their customer base. By implementing CRM software within their organization, small and mid-sized organizations can utilize critical tools similar to what large multi-national corporations use, and with comparable benefits.

Generally, any company who deals with a wide range of

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