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Do You Qualify for CanExport Trade Show Grants?

The CanExport funding program provides Canadian government grants to support export marketing projects including participation in trade shows and government-led trade missions. By accessing additional funding for these types of activities, businesses can de-risk export market evaluation and development, ultimately helping to accelerate international growth.
Through CanExport, Canadian businesses may access

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Celebrate Ontario 2019: Funding for Tourism Events

Every year, festivals and events in Ontario attract thousands of visitors, contributing millions of dollars in tourism-related revenue to support the provincial economy. Tourism events are a great way of demonstrating Ontario’s diversity, culture, and heritage. In 2017, the Government of Ontario provided funding through the Celebrate Ontario program to

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CanExport: Canadian Government Grants for Export Marketing

Although Canadian exports surpassed $521 million in 2016, it was the second straight year of decline. Since peaking in 2014, fewer products are being produced in Canada and sold internationally. This has raised the attention of the Canadian federal government, who’ve begun developing new programs in support of increasing international

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Manufacturing in the Age of Consumer-Level 3D Printing

Manufacturing has traditionally required a dedicated infrastructure, production team, and resource management system. These barriers to entry have given businesses near-exclusive control over the type of products available to consumers.

However, with the recent advancements in additive manufacturing, such as affordable 3D printers, consumers are now given the freedom to design

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