TECTERRA SHOW: Trade Show Grants for Alberta Geomatics

TECTERRA SHOW Funding for Alberta Technology Developers

To build market traction for new geospatial technologies, Alberta-based innovators benefit immensely from attending trade shows and industry events. These events provide business leaders with opportunities to learn about emerging technological trends and meet with potential customers, ultimately helping bring more innovative technologies to market. However, many technology developers miss out on events due to high costs of registration, travel, and booth registration.

Fortunately, Alberta geospatial technology innovators can receive funding to offset a portion of event costs. Through the TECTERRA SHOW program, companies may receive Alberta government grants to directly reduce common costs for conferences, trade shows, and other relevant industry events.

TECTERRA SHOW Grants offset up to 100% of eligible project costs to a maximum $20,000 in Alberta government funding. Up to two events can be included/application.

To apply for the program, qualified businesses must submit a government funding application at least 45 days prior to the start of their first event. Applications are accepted on a continuous basis and must clearly demonstrate an opportunity to meet customers and grow the business.

About the TECTERRA SHOW Program for Alberta Technology Developers

The TECTERRA SHOW program (formerly the TECTERRA Trade Show Attendance Program) offers Alberta-based companies the opportunity to showcase their innovative geospatial technologies at tradeshows, industry events and conferences. Through its funding support, businesses may offset a portion of costs that would typically need to be incurred while participating in industry events.

Alberta SMEs developing innovative geospatial technologies may receive up to $20,000 in small business grants through the TECTERRA SHOW program.

Companies may apply for funding assistance for up to two industry events per calendar year, which includes the cost of delegate registration (for a maximum two employees), booth registration costs, hotel room costs (for a maximum three nights), and a portion of flight costs (up to 50%/$1,000 per delegate).

Technology Developers Eligible for TECTERRA SHOW Funding

To access TECTERRA SHOW funding for industry events, businesses must:

  • Operate as a for-profit company;
  • Be incorporated and operating in Alberta;
  • Maintain 1-50 employees;
  • Generate annual revenues less than $5 million annually; and
  • Be developing/commercializing geospatial technologies.

Projects Supported by TECTERRA SHOW Grants

Funding provided through the TECTERRA SHOW program will support industry events including trade shows and conferences that:

  • Allow the applicant to network with potential clients and sales channels;
  • Provide the applicant with an opportunity to market their geospatial technology solutions;
  • Enable the applicant to meet with potential project partners/vendors essential to the successful development of commercial geospatial technologies; and
  • Allow the applicant to expand its knowledge of the competitive landscape as well as geospatial technology and market trends.

Did You Know? Companies eligible for TECTERRA SHOW grants may also be eligible for other streams of TECTERRA funding.

Apply for the TECTERRA SHOW Program

To apply for TECTERRA SHOW funding, eligible geospatial technology developers must submit an application package at least 45 days prior to their first event. Applications should address reasons why the event is critical to business expansion, as well as a plan to follow-up and capitalize on new leads.

Upon signing a funding agreement, companies will have been successfully enrolled into the program and can begin submitting receipts for eligible expenses, which then triggers grant funding to flow back to the company.

To learn more about your business’ eligibility and discover ways to optimize the application process, please contact the Government Funding Planners.

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