While new markets present new opportunities, going into a new market can be risky and complex.

Expanding your business into a new market is a time and cost intensive effort that requires substantial planning.

Mentor Works can support your export market entry strategy to help you better understand the best approach to a new market, de-risk market entry, increase your sales opportunities, develop new internal processes for export selling, and provide you with focused market research to equip your business for international growth.

Market Research: Understand the market you’re going into: who are the key players and stakeholders, who is your main competition in this space, how established is the market, what major factors do you need to consider before going into the market?

Export Process Analysis: How well set up is your company to begin exporting? Do you have the capacity to support full market entry or should you stage it?

Entry Strategies: How and when should you go to market in the new country? What’s the best method of entering the new market? What potential partners should you be evaluating?

Full Planning: Develop a full market plan to govern the export entry process, provide critical feedback on strategy, support execution.

How Can We Help?

Mentor Works has over a decade’s worth of experience in supporting business growth in Canada. Our team has successfully completed dozens of export market plans and provided our clients with the support and expertise to help them execute in new markets. Our team manager holds industry leading certifications endorsed by the World Trade Centers Association and the Canadian government.

Our goal is to help you go further, faster. Most of our clients see more than 10X ROI after working with our team.

Our export services include:

The Mentor Works Export Strategy Approach

Our process involves the client from start to finish. Our process is flexible to your needs. While each engagement is unique, most follow the same approach: our goal is to ensure the project is developed to fit your specific requirements and at the end of the project your team is enabled with the ability to manage going forward.

Plan: We partner with your firm to understand your needs, the export opportunity, and the level of support we can provide. From here we will develop a path to entry into a new market. From high level market research to full export strategy execution we can develop a custom solution to fit your need.

Build: Our team will develop customized materials for your specific project. This can include export strategic plans, market research, process optimization plans, sell sheets, and more. Our documentation package is scalable based on project need.

Enable: By the end of the engagement your team will be ready to lead internally. We’ll enable your team by working together to deploy the strategic approach we’ve created together and develop internal ownership

If you are just getting started with the process and would like to learn more about export planning options, please reach out to our business planning experts.