Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program (CICP)

This program is no longer available and has been replaced by the Build in Canada Innovation Program.

As of 2013, CICP is an annual acquisition-based Call for Proposals from the Canadian government with $40 million in funding for SMEs with innovative pre-commercial products and services. The purpose of the program is to enable SMEs to gain valuable real-life testing experience through partnering with a government department. CICP provides valuable feedback from testing in a real-life situation, potential government endorsement of your product or service, and potential government purchase of mass quantities of your product It is crucial for applicants to have at least one government department interested in testing the innovation, prior to submitting a proposal.

  • Amount: The maximum funding available is $500,000 per proposal.
  • Timeline: Calls for Proposals announced on
  • Eligibility: For profit incorporated companies that have a government partner, and submit their proposals before generating commercialized revenue from the related product or service.
  • Projects: Innovative products and services in one of the following areas: the Environment, Safety and Security, Health and Enabling Technologies Eligibility Factors: For profit companies with innovations relevant to the Canadian government.

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