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Highlights of Ontario’s Economic Performance in 2016

Ontario’s economy is expected to achieve a 3% growth in GDP based on the province’s performance this year. Previous growth projections expected a 2.6% increase to the province’s GDP, however favourable conditions enabled businesses to increase their competitiveness and drive sales, both domestically and internationally.

This is just one of the

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Grant Thornton & Mentor Works Manufacturing Funding Event: May 18 in Hamilton, Ontario

There are a vast selection of government grants, loans, and tax incentives that manufacturers can use to reduce project expenses. Whether Ontario manufacturers invest in hiring and training projects, research and development, business/market expansion, or are improving their productivity through technology adoption, Ontario government grants are available to reduce the

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Qualify for Early Stage Exporters Ontario Small Business Grants

Please Note: The Early Stage Exporters program is no longer accepting applications. Please explore the Export Market Access (EMA) program for exporting grants.
Administered by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) and FedDev Ontario, the Early Stage Exporters program is a variant of the Export Market Access Ontario government funding initiative to help

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