7 Ontario Business Events in October to Build and Execute New Strategies

Canadian Small Business Events and Government Funding Webinars

Now that summer is officially over, small businesses are returning to maximum productivity. However as Canadian companies race towards the end of the calendar year, it’s important to remember there are significant opportunities to learn and grow your company through professional and industry events.

Business owners and executives can make the most of October by attending industry events. Discover new trends and network with other business professionals to grow your business.

Mentor Works’ team of Government Funding Planners are attending several small business events this October. We welcome you to join us at these events to learn about new opportunities for your business, such as reducing the cost of upcoming strategic projects with Canadian government grants.

Small Business Events and Workshops in October 2016

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October 5 – Leading Canada’s Economic Growth

(Toronto, ON) – The Toronto Region Board of Trade is Canada’s largest local chamber of commerce. The group represents more than 250,000 business leaders and collaborates with various levels of government to ensure companies are able to become globally competitive.

Leading Canada’s Economic Growth will consist of an informative 90-minute keynote speech by Dominic Barton, MicKinsey & Company’s Global Managing Director. Earlier in 2016, Dominic was named the head of Canada’s new Advisory Council on Economic Growth. During his presentation, Dominic will highlight macroeconomic trends facing Canadian businesses.

October 6 – Manufacturing Matters 2016

(London, ON) – The London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) supports the development and success of businesses operating within the City of London, Ontario. The organization promotes close collaboration between the government and businesses to develop an ecosystem that is supportive of value-driven industries.

LEDC’s premier event, Manufacturing Matters, is a must-attend for any manufacturer in southwestern Ontario. Each year, local manufacturers attend this event to gain insight from industry leaders, listen to keynote speeches, and network with other manufacturers.

This year, Mentor Works is exhibiting at Manufacturing Matters. While you’re at the event, you will be able to discuss manufacturing grants and loans to grow your business. In addition to recognizing immediate opportunities, we can also begin building a Proactive Funding Plan that can guide your growth over the next 2-5 years. Come find us – we’re excited to see you there!

October 13 – XChanging Ideas Toronto

(Mississauga, ON) – The Family Enterprise Xchange (FEX) is a national movement that seeks to inform family-owned businesses and their advisors about resources and educational materials required to expand their business. FEX understands the unique challenges associated with running a family enterprise and assists its members to overcome these issues and achieve long-term success.

XChanging Ideas Toronto is an event for family-owned business executives to gather and share ideas. Participants will learn how FEX connects, supports, educates and inspires family enterprises to grow and become more competitive. If you run a family-owned business or are an advisor to family enterprises, this is a great event to develop a support network.

October 17 – Synergy UserCon Canada VISUAL ERP User Conference

(Mississauga, ON) – Synergy Resources provides ERP software and training services to the manufacturing industry. For over 20 years, Synergy has created dynamic productivity-boosting solutions for the aerospace, energy, automotive, and medical sectors.

Now in its second year, the Synergy UserCon Canada VISUAL ERP User Conference enables a variety of manufacturers to discover how ERP system implementation can improve their competitiveness. Over 70 educational demonstrations will be held to show the features and functionality of a VISUAL ERP system. Participants also have access to consulting time with Synergy’s VISUAL ERP experts who can answer questions about the implementation process.

October 19 – Windsor Mold Expo

(Windsor, ON) – Canadian Plastics is the country’s leading plastics manufacturing publication. The publisher strengthens Canada’s plastics manufacturing competitiveness by delivering news and thought-provoking business trends for managers and executives.

Canadian Plastics is hosting Windsor Mold Expo, an event for members of Canada’s moldmaking sector. The event will serve as a forum for Canadian moldmakers, engineers, manufacturers, job shops, and product developers to network and discuss new technologies. Windsor Mold Expo will feature a keynote address from automotive industry expert, Dennis DesRosiers, and will also host a trade show throughout the afternoon.

Canadian Government Funding Webinars and Resources

October 13 – Workforce Hiring & Training Grants Webinar

(Webinar) – Workforce development is an ongoing process for Canadian businesses. Luckily, hiring and training grants are available to assist businesses recruit and retain top talent.

Although most hiring grants and wage subsidies for hiring recent post-secondary graduates are released in the spring of each year, several programs still have funding to award in October. Many programs provide up to 50% off of a candidate’s wages to a maximum $14,000-$20,000. During this webinar, you’ll learn the structure of youth hiring grants so you can evaluate their potential for your organization.

You will also learn about the value of workforce training grants, such as the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG). This training grant assists employers by providing up to 66% of third-party training expenses, including trainer fees, supplies, and tuition. COJG grants can be awarded up to twice per year, so ongoing training programs can be funded. If your business conducts, or would like to conduct third-party training, this is an excellent opportunity.

October 25 – Green Technology Grants (incl. CME SMART Green)

(Webinar) – The Canadian government’s push for a low-carbon economy has reached new heights, and several new grants are available for businesses who are researching, developing, and adopting clean technologies (cleantech).

The Green Technology Grants webinar will provide details of the soon-to-be-launched CME SMART Green Fund, a grant specifically dedicated to Ontario-based manufacturers who are reducing their per-unit greenhouse gas emissions. Clean productivity enhancements, such as the purchase of newer, more efficient machinery, may be eligible to receive up to 50% of project expenses to a maximum $200,000 per facility.

This presentation will also feature information about a variety of other popular clean/ green technology grants, including options for companies researching and developing innovative cleantech solutions.

Online Resources to Discover Small Business Funding

Are you searching for resources to explain the government funding process? Executives and small business owners may access a variety of free, on-demand resources to evaluate alternatives and find the right type of funding for them.

Our featured resource in October, the Canadian Small Business Funding Guide, enables business leaders to learn the mechanics of government funding in Canada. This white paper details how funding is allocated by the various levels of government, and also provides next steps when you’re ready to develop a government funding application.

Canadian Small Business Funding Guide

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