Author: Fiona Parascandalo

Hobbies and Work-Life Balance

Working in a high-demand job can take over all aspects of life outside of the office. Many people face the daily pressures from superiors to improve performance and become more efficient in assigned tasks. It is easy to let these demands take over, but there is another way to improve

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Investing in Business Growth & Productivity: Not-For-Profits

Investing in Business Growth & Productivity: Not-For-Profits focuses on strengthening the productivity and global competitiveness of southern Ontario businesses. Investing in Business Growth & Productivity is offered through The Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev) as a part of their suite of Ontario business grants and loans called Southern Ontario Prosperity Initiatives

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NSERC Engage – Small Business Grants for Research and Development

The National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)  is a key organization for promoting learning and innovation between students and universities with industry helping support Canada’s growth in innovation development.  Significant technological advancements have arisen from the post-secondary collaboration with  industry, and so NSERC has created several initiatives to help

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IRAP Canadian Business Grants Expected to Release in April 2013

IRAP (Industrial Assistance Research Program) provides customized innovation and business funding grants particular to your business needs. Companies that in interested in the possibilities of  government funding for business through IRAP should contact their local IRAP Industrial Technology Assistant (ITA).

Although nothing has been officially announced in terms of IRAP small

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