NSERC Engage – Small Business Grants for Research and Development

bigstock-University-Campus-159506The National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)  is a key organization for promoting learning and innovation between students and universities with industry helping support Canada’s growth in innovation development.  Significant technological advancements have arisen from the post-secondary collaboration with  industry, and so NSERC has created several initiatives to help support their collaboration through a number of small business grants for post-secondary collaboration called NSERC Engage.

NSERC Engage Canadian Small Business Grants Details

NSERC Engage  Canadian government funding for small business grants of $25,000 are geared towards fostering new relationships between eligible universities and industry partners for the purpose of projects of 4-6 months. This government funding for research and development through NSERC aims to help industry to be able to harness the knowledge and skills of graduate students at universities to solve specific identifiable problems that the industry partner does not have the in-house skills and expertise to solve.

The government funding for business covers the graduate student’s time and expenses associated with the project. It is expected that the project can be accomplished within the brief timeframe and that the skills and expertise of the student(s) involved is applicable. The expectation is that there will be, at the end of the project, a transfer of the knowledge and skills applicable to the project from the university to the industry partner.

NSERC Engage Small Business Grants Success Story

Through the NSERC Engage Canadian small business grants program, a graduate from the University of British Columbia worked with an instruments company to optimize technology for head-mounted displays for ski and snowboard goggles.  The system has GPS and motion sensors, giving users real-time feedback on their speed, altitude, vertical distance traveled and total distance traveled, as well as temperature, time, etc.  The technology will also link to smartphones via Bluetooth, which will create additional features.

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