Canadian Government Funding Presentation at CTMA Event in New Hamburg

We are pleased to announce that Mentor Works Ltd. will be in attendance at a Canadian Tooling & Machining Association (CTMA) event held on May 29th in New Hamburg, Ontario along with The Ontario Drive and Gear Tour to give a keynote address on Canadian government funding.

Event:  CTMA Western Ontario Chapter Plant Tour & Dinner Meeting

Date/Time:   May 29th from 3:30pm to 7:30pm

Location:  Hamburg, Ontario, N3A 2J1, Canada (Dinner & cocktails to follow at EJ’s located at 39 Snyder’s Road West in Baden, Ontario).

Organizer:  CTMA Western Ontario Chapter

Canadian Government Funding Expert Keynote

Bernadeen McLeod, Founder and Principal of Mentor Works Ltd. and Canadian government funding expert will present a keynote address on Canadian Government Funding –How to select and utilize government funding for business programs and how to utilize them effectively.

Canadian Government Funding Workshop Preview

See this one minute video to learn more about Mentor Works Canadian government funding workshops and why they are a must for any small and medium-sized business that is involved in any kind of R&D or manufacturing in Ontario.

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