Research and Development Funding: NSERC CRD Program

semi-conductorThe purpose of The National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Collaborative Research and Development (CRD) Grant is to promote learning, problem solving, and innovation between university researchers and businesses.  NSERC’s CRD research and development funding program also helps support Canada’s growth in innovation development through supporting projects which result in improved processes, new products and services, and discovery of highly qualified employees.

CRD Government Funding for Research and Development Background

The way that innovation occurs is changing in Canada and NSERC’s role is to ensure that innovation is practically translated into usable, marketable, information that transforms industry. The best innovation in Canada currently happens when universities and industry collaborate.  Government funding for research and development has thus been refocused on more targeted research.

Small Business Government Grants from CRD are Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships

NSERC’s CRD government grants funding for business provide Canadian companies with access to the unique knowledge, skill-sets, and resources of Canadian post-secondary institutions. A mutually beneficial relationship is established through these Canadian government grants with intended industrial and economic benefits to Canada.

Canadian Government Funding for Research and Development through NSERC CRD

Projects funded through NSERC Collaboration Research and Development Grant government funding Canada are intended to be extensive, with a 1-5 year timeline. The industry partner is expected to provide financial support for the project equal to or greater than the research and development funding Canada offered through NSERC, demonstrating their commitment to the project. Due to the length of the projects, NSERC expects to receive regular reports demonstrating that the project is moving forward and that goals and timelines are being met.

NSERC CRD R&D Funding through Government Small Business Grants Details

The Canadian government funding offered through NSERC for these projects is substantial –at $200,000 or more per year. As the project length and size can be considerable, NSERC CRD has specific eligibility requirements and there is a thorough application process. Applications for CRD government funding for research and development Canada are evaluated for their scientific merit, research competence, industrial relevance, private-sector support, contribution to training of qualified personnel, and benefit to Canada. For larger projects, university commitment and support must be demonstrated regarding financial support, equipment, and/or facilities. The application process, depending on the complexity of the project being proposed can take 3-5 months to receive approval and may include a site visit, if appropriate.

NSERC CRD Research and Development Funding Canada Success Stories

NSERC Collaboration and Development Grant success stories can be found from coast to coast and those successful with the program have seen lasting economic and industrial benefits.

  • A wire bonding company in the GTA partnered with world-leading welding experts from the University of Waterloo to discover how to lower production costs in the company’s semiconductor packaging business while avoiding a halt in production. Additionally, through their R&D collaboration, the company became the first to market a wire bond made of coated copper instead off the typical, costly gold bonds.
  • An early stage technology company from Saskatchewan partnered with the University of Saskatchewan to gain assistance in commercializing and patenting a novel bio-diesel process and bio-diesel co-products. The company worked with the University to develop intellectual property, which is now central to attracting investors.
  • A multimedia company in Montréal partnered with researchers at the École de technologie supérieure (ETS) to develop algorithms and innovations for working with coding that enables multimedia content. The technologies developments reduced company costs while also ensuring images and videos are transmitted at the highest quality. Since this partnership, the company has attached large new clients.

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