Research and Development Funding for Infrastructure: LEF and NIF

The Economic Action Plan 2013 announces that The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) will receive an additional $225 million in Canadian government funding which will be committed to advanced research infrastructure priorities and sustaining the long-term operations of the foundation.   The CFI is a not-for-profit corporation that supports the modernization of research infrastructure at Canadian universities, colleges, research hospitals and other not-for profit research institutions across the country.  Thanks to previous donations to CFI since its creation by the Government of Canada in 1997, the CFI has strived to help build our nation’s capacity to undertake world-class research and technology development that benefits Canadians as well as the global community.  In fact, the Government of Canada has given CFI $5.5 billion to date, including a $500 million donation as part of the Economic Action Plan 2012.

Leading Edge Fund and New Initiatives Fund Canadian Government Grants

Two of the most popular Canadian government grants programs being run by CFI are the Leading Edge Fund (LEF) and the New Initiatives Fund (NIF) are key CFI programs that support innovative and transformative research infrastructure projects that enhance Canada’s capacity for leading-edge research and technology development.

LEF projects sustain and further enhance the most advanced research and technology development efforts supported by past CFI investments. NIF projects build Canada’s capacity in promising new areas of research and technology development.

For a full list of Canadian government funding for research and development programs offered by CFI, please visit their website: Canada Foundation for Innovation

Who Is Eligible for CFI Government Funding for Research and Development?

Universities, colleges, research hospitals and other not-for-profit research organizations that carry out world-class research and technology development that benefit Canadians.

How CFI Research and Development Funding Works

The CFI has established a rigorous and independent merit-based review process that is used to award government funding Canada. The CFI provides awards to eligible universities, colleges, research hospitals and not-for-profit research institutions. Only institutions, not individual researchers, are eligible to submit proposals.

Success of Government Grants Canada to Date

The top-up of $150.0 million for the 2009 LEF/NIF competition and the $510.0 million provided through Budget 2007 together supported a total of 133 projects at 41 research institutions across Canada.

The CFI has announced awards totaling $178.6 million under the Major Science Initiatives Fund, which supports the operating costs of eligible CFI-funded, large scale research facilities.

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