Canadian Government Funding for AgriMarketing – Assurance Systems Stream – FAQs

Canadian government funding for small business through the AgriMarketing Program is a five-year (2013-2018), $341 million program offered through the Growing Forward 2 Program via Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) It consists of both government initiatives and contribution funding for industry-led projects.

Question: What is the Objective of Canadian Government Funding for AgriMarketing Program?

Answer: The objective of Canadian small business grants through the AgriMarketing Program is to improve the agriculture, agri-food and agri-based products sector’s competitiveness in domestic and international markets by supporting industry in gaining and maintaining access to markets and capitalizing on market opportunities. The two streams through which industry applications will be accepted are:

Question: What is an Assurance System?

Answer: The term “assurance system” is used to describe all processes and procedures that provide consumers and buyers with confidence that associated risks along the food supply chain are adequately addressed and that relevant claims can be proven – that food is:  safe, it was sourced from a healthy resource base, and it incorporates the attributes that consumers are looking for and expecting. The term also broadly includes standards and related tools for assurance.   Assurance systems are not information technology (IT) systems.

Question: What is the AgriMarketing Assurance Systems Stream?

Answer: The Assurance Systems stream small business grants Canada will support the development of Canadian national assurance systems or standards, such as food safety systems, animal and plant health surveillance systems, market attribute/quality standards and traceability systems, and their related tools.

Question: How does government funding for business under the AgriMarketing work?

Answer: If your project is accepted for Canadian government business grants under the AgriMarketing Program, you will be required to sign a contribution agreement with the government. It outlines the terms and conditions of the contributions and the responsibilities of the recipient.


Question: Can I use other Canadian government funding, in addition to what I receive from the AgriMarketing Program?

Answer: Yes you can use other Canadian business grants and other Canadian government funding towards the cost of your project. However, the amount of government funding for small business must not exceed 85% of your proposed project costs.

Question: Will expenses incurred prior to signing the contribution agreement be eligible for Canadian small business grants support?

Answer: To be eligible for coverage under AgriMarketing small business grants Canada, expenses must be incurred after the signing of the contribution agreement.

Question: Are there any priority project areas?

Answer: Currently, market relevance, livestock traceability and projects related to food for human consumption have been identified as priorities.   Therefor preference for AgriMarketing government grants for small business may be given to project proposals with higher levels of contributions from industry.

Question: Is there a deadline for my Canadian government funding application?

Answer: Applications may be submitted at any time until September 30, 2017 or until all funding is committed.

Question: How much funding for small business is available for an eligible project?

Answer: The approved Canadian government funding for business amount for each eligible project will be determined as part of the application review process; however, the maximum AAFC contribution normally will not exceed $1,000,000 per project.

Question: What funding do I need to have in place for my project to be deemed eligible?

Answer: A minimum 25% contribution to eligible project costs is expected from Applicants. The Applicant’s contribution can be made up of funding from the Applicant and its collaborators or other levels of government, but for all eligible projects a minimum cash contribution of 15% is required.

Question: How do I find out more information about the AgriMarketing Assurance Systems Stream?

Answer: Please choose from the options below, or contact a Canadian government funding expert for a free consultation to discuss whether this program or others are a best fit for your business.


Question: Learn from a Mentor Works Ltd. Canadian Government Funding Expert?

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