NSERC CRD Small Business Grants for Research and Development

research scientistThe Collaborative Research and Development (CRD) Small Business Grants funded through The National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) provides research and development funding to Canadian companies looking to participate in R&D projects directly with educational institutions.  This post-secondary collaboration program is aimed at promoting learning, problem solving, and innovation between university researchers and businesses.

Research and Development Funding Eligibility through NSERC CRD

Research and development funding through NSERC Canadian small business grants range from $200,000 to $500,000.

Project proposals are evaluated on the following:

  • Scientific Merit
  • Research Competence- the skills and ability to effectively work through the project objectives successfully.
  • Industrial Relevance-how the research will address a specific and valuable need for the industry.
  • Private-Sector Support-demonstrable support financially by the industry partner and need for the knowledge and solution provided by the research
  • Training Highly Qualified Personnel – project must involve training students – the number of students trained is dependent upon the size of the project.
  • Benefits to Canada- the proposal must outline the social, economic and environmental benefits associated with the project

Research and Development Funding Costs Eligible for Small Business Grants Coverage

Expenses eligible for Canadian government funding for research and development through NSERC include the following:

  • Compensation related expenses
  • Travel and Subsistence Costs
  • Sabbatical and Research Leave
  • Equipment Costs
  • Computers and Electronic Communication
  • Dissemination of Search Results
  • Services and Miscellaneous Expenses

Please contact your Canadian government funding expert from Mentor Works for details about eligible and ineligible expenses.

Small Business Grants Canada Application Process

Details regarding the NSERC CRD small business grants application process are as follows:

  • Applications accepted on an on-going basis.
  • Two-stage process; Letter of Intent, then full Application if approved.
  • Decisions regarding applications are made within 3-5 months of the full proposal being submitted.
  • Proposal review is done by committee; depending on the amount of funding requested, may involve a site visit.

IP Development and Ownership Stipulations via NSERC CRD

Unlike NSERC Engage, which allows the company to own all IP developed over the course of the R&D project, NSERC CRD requires both the company and university to determine IP ownership as part of their working contract and is often shared or licensed.

Learn More about NSERC CRD Small Business Grants for R&D

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Contact a Canadian Government Funding to Learn about Additional Small Business Grants and Loans Opportunities

If your business has been incorporated for at least 2 years and has a minimum of 15 employees please contact a Canadian government funding expert for a free consultation.   Businesses that conduct research and development or manufacture in Canada you are also invited to attend a Free Canadian Government Funding Workshop (see trailer).  You can also sign up for our Canadian government funding weekly E-newsletter, and don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn!


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