Gain Exporting Experience at Spring 2016 CME Training Events

Canadian Small Business Training and Events for Exporting

Many Canadian businesses assume that the domestic market provides them with enough opportunities to grow and succeed. On the contrary, due to an increasingly globalized marketplace, businesses must expand their market and attract new customers outside of their country’s borders in order to reach their full growth potential. Business owners can take the necessary steps to educate themselves and be prepared to leverage exporting opportunities as they become available.

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters’ Export Training Events for Business

Luckily for businesses across Canada, there are training and educational courses to discover opportunities for your business to grow internationally.  Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) is Canada’s most popular trade and industry association and represents over 10,000 businesses throughout the country. Their leadership, expertise, and connections make it possible to host educational events that inform businesses from coast-to-coast.

Businesses should consider attending a CME export training event to empower their export expansion strategies, regardless of previous experience or current exporting plans. Business owners and executives will gain valuable knowledge through these courses that will translate into the capitalization of future export expansion activities.

CME Export Success Series Webinars – March and April 2016

To access more information on the following Export Success Series webinars, please click on the date/name of the event, or use the ‘Register Now’ buttons below.

March 24 – Preferential Rules of Origin – Opportunities and Pitfalls

The recent explosion in global free trade agreements has complicated the international trading landscape. Participants of this webinar will discover the unique properties of NAFTA, CETA, TPP, and other Canadian free trade agreements to understand how each treat preferential rules of origin. This session will be led by international trade expert, Brian Rankin Staples.

When: Wednesday March 24; 1:00pm-2:00pm
Where: GoToWebinar
Cost: $34.00 + tax when you use the Save 15% Promo Code: MENTORWORKS

April 5  –  Avoiding Red Flags when Shipping Internationally

Marine transportation continues to be one of the most reliable, cost-efficient methods of transportation for many Canadian businesses. This webinar will address legal issues often faced by businesses ship goods internationally via storage containers. Learn how to make better trade decisions and how to recover when unexpected problems arise. This session will be led by marine and transportation lawyer, Marcos Cervantes.

When: Tuesday April 5; 1:00pm-2:00pm
Where: GoToWebinar
Cost: $34.00 + tax when you use the Save 15% Promo Code: MENTORWORKS

April 19 – Beyond the Letter of Credit – Strategic Nature of International Trade

Canadian businesses have a variety of options to finance their international expansion strategies. While many businesses incorporate the use of Canadian government funding, more traditional options also exist from financial institutions. In this webinar, participants will learn about the ongoing transformation of trade financing, including the replacement of commercial letters of credit with newer ‘supply chain financing’. Join Roberto Puebla, Associate Director of Supply Chain for Scotiabank, as he discusses how to select the right financing structure for your company, and how to work with lenders.

When: Tuesday April 19; 1:00pm-2:00pm
Where: GoToWebinar
Cost: $34.00 + tax when you use the Save 15% Promo Code: MENTORWORKS

April 28 – Incoterms for Export Success

International Commercial Terms, more often referred to as Incoterms, define the financial liabilities, limitations, and responsibilities of trade relationships. Understanding how to select, quote, and use these terms effectively will provide Canadian businesses with more control over the success of their export relationship. Learn how to define the terms of sale for your next trade contract and empower your international success.

When: Thursday April 28; 1:00pm-2:00pm
Where: GoToWebinar
Cost: $34.00 + tax when you use the Save 15% Promo Code: MENTORWORKS

Enable Small Business Growth: Canadian Government Grants for Training

Canadian small business grants are available to support the training of employees. The most popular of these grants and loans is the Canada Job Grant, an initiative that supports 66% of third-party training costs to a maximum $10,000 per trainee. Businesses can access these grants by applying to one of the provincial variants of the program, such as the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG). Third-party training, such as the courses that Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters provides, qualify for Canada Job Grant funding. Participants may receive a portion of course expenses, such as registration, materials, and certification.

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