Export Webinar: Avoid Common International Trade Mistakes

International trade export expansion

When exporting, even small mistakes can end up costing your business significant time, financial resources, and opportunities abroad. Complying with all international standards for trade is essential to ensuring a sustainable export strategy, however many Canadian businesses are unaware of common mistakes which limit business growth in foreign countries. To ensure your business does not fall victim to international trade requirements, the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) association has partnered with Export Development Canada (EDC) to host free webinars which seek to identify common mistakes made in international trade. Participants will learn about errors and how to avoid them, making foreign trade an opportunity to strengthen and increase the scale of business operations.

Exporting Webinar Hosts and Speaker Profiles

Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) is Canada’s largest trade and industry association. As a unified voice for manufacturing and global business in Canada, their resources assist companies to overcome challenges, support innovation, and become more competitive in domestic and international markets. CME helps connect businesses to information, identify advocacy channels, and provide networking opportunities to over 10,000 members and strategic partners across all sectors of the Canadian economy.

Export Development Canada (EDC) is a self-financing crown corporation which enables Canadian small businesses to capitalize on opportunities in global markets. They provide Canadian exporters with insurance and bonding services, financial products, as well as foreign market expertise to maximize investment potential. EDC publishes reports, economic analysis and research, and infographics to help businesses stay informed of the latest market news.

Featured speaker Lora Rigutto Vigliatore has over 12 years experience working with companies to improve business operations, including export activities. Currently an international trade and business development coach, Lora will help identify weaknesses within your exporting plans and offer practical solutions to achieve international business success. She is a leader in Canada-Latin America business relationships, and a graduate from the Forum of International Trade Training.

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Full-Length International Trade Training Courses from CME

CME also provides multi-day trade training courses where business owners create a framework for their business’ international expansion. Participants will learn international trade strategy and receive FITT resources which can be used inside and outside of the classroom. Upcoming courses in Ontario include:

  • Becoming Export Ready;
  • Financing Supply Chains and Mitigating Export Risks; and
  • Global Exports and Supply Chain Management.

To learn more about these courses and register for them, visit CME’s Export Success Program portal.

Increase Your Exports with Mentor Works’ Resources

If you’re interested in establishing or expanding your business’ export activities, Mentor Works provides valuable free resources to assist you. We’re constantly hosting Canadian government funding webinars on export expansion, and will help you identify grants and loans to enable your exporting strategies. We’ve also developed a Business Guide to Export Expansion which provides market data and powerful tools to aid your business’ international success. To view all government grants and loans which will help your business expand domestically and internationally, view our webpage on Business Expansion Funding for Growth. If you have any questions about Canadian government grants, contact Mentor Works and our small business funding team will assist you.

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