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CME SMART Advanced Technologies for Production

Program Update: CME SMART Advanced Technologies for Global Growth program will not be accepting applications after July 31, 2016. Please contact a Proactive Funding Planner to discuss alternate business grants for your company.

The CME SMART Advanced Technologies for Global Growth business grant is funded by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) and administered by the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) association. Manufacturers in southern Ontario may apply for up to $100,000 in government grant funding to receive plant assessments and support the acquisition of innovative technologies. This will provide manufacturers the ability to upscale their operations and become more competitive in international markets. CME SMART offers two streams available to interested businesses, including Advanced Technology Assessments and Advanced Technology Adaptation/Adoption. To learn if you are eligible for this Ontario government grant, consider the program requirements below.

CME SMART Advanced Technology Assessment Stream

Production bottlenecks are a common element of manufacturing and need to be addressed in order to achieve maximum efficiency. It can sometimes be difficult to determine where these problems exist, and external consultants may provide the most objective view of manufacturing efforts. CME SMART enables manufacturing companies to receive third-party consultation by providing up to 50% of eligible costs to a maximum $15,000. These grants allow for businesses to receive a more complete view of their technological needs prior to making a capital investment.

Company Eligibility for Advanced Technology Assessments

Your business must meet the following eligibility criteria prior to receiving Ontario government funding:

  • Manufacturer based in southern Ontario;
  • Incorporated for two or more years;
  • 15-1,000 full-time employees; and
  • Established export market or plans to export as a result of this project.

Expenses Eligible for CME SMART Technology Assessment Grants

  • Independent market assessment or feasibility study by a SMART consultant; and
  • Consulting fees related to project implementation.

Qualify for CME SMART’s Advanced Technology Adoption Stream

Once manufacturers have completed assessments of their plants, they may wish to implement these findings and purchase capital equipment. New equipment purchases eliminate previous inefficiencies while increasing facility production to serve an increased number of markets. The Ontario government grants offered in the Advanced Technology Adoption stream provide businesses with a maximum of $100,000 (up to 35% of eligible costs) towards projects that enable the manufacturing and selling for goods to a foreign market. This funding can also be used to establish marketing plans and allow for the development of an export market, if the manufacturer does not currently operate in one.

Advanced Technology Adoption Company Eligibility

  • Manufacturer based in southern Ontario;
  • Incorporated for two or more years;
  • 15-1,000 employees; and
  • Established export market or plans to export as a result of this project.

Eligible Expenses for Advanced Technology Adoption

  • Software and equipment technologies;
  • Manufacturing equipment purchases;
  • Third-party installation of manufacturing equipment;
  • Independent business marketing plans (if none existed prior);
  • Foreign market patents and regulatory approvals/testing;
  • Product packaging redesign for international markets; and
  • Public relations and press releases.

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Mentor Works’ Resources for Manufacturing Business Expansion

Manufacturers in southern Ontario have several options when it comes to receiving small business grants. Whether your main focus is on equipment assessments and adoption, hiring and training, or performing research and development, there are funding options for you to further increase the project’s impact. Manufacturers can also register for a free educational webinar on government grants and loans to ensure they understand all of the options available to them. If your projects are specifically export-focussed, you may also download Mentor Works’ free Canadian Guide to Export Expansion, where you’ll receive valuable tools and resources to help you plan your expansion. Want to get started? Contact Mentor Works and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

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