ICTC Partners with Microsoft to Develop Digital Talent Strategy

Technology’s ability to empower competitive businesses is essential in an increasingly globalized economy. Tracking the evolution of customers’ thoughts and behaviours, market competition, and other factors is a key element of business success and adaptability. To remain competitive into the future, Canadian businesses must have access to the tools and talent which enable them to utilize technology effectively.

The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) has recently partnered with Microsoft Canada to develop a national digital talent strategy to help close the technology gap experienced by Canadian business. This strategy will launch in January 2016 and will detail the technological needs of Canadian businesses and the labour market by 2020. The report will also propose government policies and programs to help realize the vision of a technologically advanced business environment. Ensuring that there won’t be a lack of talent in the information technology industry is the first step in making sure businesses have the resources they need to grow and achieve success.

Partners in Developing a National Digital Talent Strategy

The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) provides research, innovative talent solutions, and government policy advice to nurture a more connected economy. With focus on creating a technically talented, digital workforce, the not-for-profit organization provides leadership to enhance globally competitive Canadian industries.

Microsoft Canada is a worldwide leader in producing innovative software, services, and solutions which enable businesses to increase productivity. Technologies pioneered by Microsoft have altered the way which people and business communicate, effectively changing the world. Their innovative teams continuously help to define the way people use technology, making it more accessible and more powerful through continuous improvement.

The synergy between Microsoft and ICTC ensures that Canada’s national digital talent strategy assists governments and businesses to implement forward-thinking policies and secure Canada’s future in the global economy. The programs and policy recommendations made in their coming report will help create a technologically-literate and innovative workforce to guide businesses towards future success.

Ontario Government Grants for Hiring Recent Tech Grads

Businesses looking to hire a full-time post-secondary graduate to bolster their internal technical talent may benefit from one of several hiring grants. Hiring recent post-secondary graduates who are unemployed or underemployed could allow your businesses to receive up to 50% of the employee’s wage in government grant funding. Having a youth ICT graduate to provide technological expertise to your company will assist the implementation of digital systems and enable adaptability into the future of business technology. Many programs receive top-ups of funding every spring, around the time of year when new graduates are becoming available. To learn which program is for you, please use our Wage Subsidy Identifier Tool.

Small Business Grants and Resources

Small businesses often face financial challenges when ensuring their workforce has the skills necessary to succeed and grow. While hiring an ICT professional through a wage subsidy may be the best option for your business, there are several other Canadian government funding programs aimed at helping businesses receive the right support. You can learn about other options on our hiring and training programs page, or if your business is highly innovative, grants for research and development may be a better fit for your current projects.

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