Research and Development Funding for Business Innovation

Provincial and federal governments understand the economic value of supporting business innovation. In 2012, Statistics Canada recorded that businesses spent over $14.8 billion on research and development activities, most of which are eligible for Canadian government grants. In fact, the federal and provincial governments provided $5.98 billion and $2.03 billion respectively in research and development funding for that time period. Although R&D programs are not highly visible, assistance is available for those who know where to find it.

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Research grants, loans, and other incentives support innovative businesses across the country. Use the following categories to reveal funding for your upcoming project.

Canadian Government Funding for Research and Development

Canadian business funding for research and development projects may be accessed through:

Ontario Government Funding for Research and Development

Ontario business funding for research and development projects may be accessed through:

Alberta Government Funding for Research and Development

Alberta business funding for research and development projects may be accessed through:

Manitoba Government Funding for Research and Development

Manitoba business funding for research and development activities may be accessed through:

Currently Unavailable Research and Development Funding Programs

Canadian government funding programs often pass through cycles where funding is released, then becomes depleted over time. The following programs are well-oriented for research projects, but at this time, are not open for application submission:

Canadian Government Funding for Small Business