Eagle’s Flight Leadership Training & Related Canadian Government Grant Funding

To get the most out of employees, management is increasingly recognizing the need for regular training and development opportunities. Training helps employees understand their roles better, allows them to accomplish these goals more easily, and ultimately become a better member of any work team through improved communication and leadership skills. Eagle’s Flight provides transformational training programs that can benefit all levels of your organization from front-line employees up to executive management. With over 350 customized programs, they will be able to tailor their training services to your business and execute programs that provide sustained results.

Find Ontario Small Business Grants for Eagle’s Flight Training

Did you know that training grants are available to help pay a portion of the costs for training programs? Two-thirds of the cost (up to $10,000 per employee) may be reimbursed under the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) and other Canadian government grant funding programs similar to it.

With this funding, training programs such as those provided by Eagle’s Flight are more accessible to small businesses who can receive Ontario government grant funding for each employee who attends the sessions. The overall cost of training to businesses will be minimized and the benefits of having an educated, cohesive team will begin to spread throughout your entire organization.

Eagle’s Flight Leadership Series Introduction Workshop

On June 18 and July 9 2015, Eagle’s Flight will be hosting free Leadership Series workshops which will help businesses create a leadership development plan, identifying the areas of your business have the greatest need for training. You will have the opportunity to see Eagle’s Flight’s training and professional development options and then speak to a representative of the company to learn more and begin to work towards a customized approach which is right for you. In addition, a representative from Mentor Works will discuss how government grant funding programs make training sessions accessible for any small business.

Session #1 in Toronto
June 18, 2015. 8:30am-1:00pm with lunch provided
Where: CN Tower, 301 Front St. W., Toronto, Ontario

Session #2 in Guelph
When: July 9, 2015; refer to registration page for details on timing
Eagle’s Flight Head Office, 489 Clair Rd. W., Guelph, Ontario

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Connect with Mentor Works for more Canadian Government Grant Funding

Mentor Works will help your business find and apply for Ontario government grants such as COJG and others. As the experts in our field, our consultation services can help you identify several ways to receive government funding. Whether you’re interested in hiring and training grants or just looking to stay “in-the-know” about ongoing and future funding, be sure to follow Mentor Works’ blog. Wanting to connect with us over social media? You can follow us on Twitter or join the Business Funding Network on LinkedIn.

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