Klok: Time Management Tool

Even though work consumes 1/3 or more of an average employee’s day, it is often hard to fit all of our responsibilities into an 8-hour workday. Time management can be a key tool to allow you and your team to maximize productivity and make the most out of every workday. There are several time management programs and paper methods available, however I have yet to find one that is quite as straightforward and easy to use as Klok.Klok Time Management Tool

What is Klok?

Klok is a time tracking tool with both free and paid version that allows users to track their time spent on one more more projects. The program will automatically track your time on a particular project and updates it to an easy-to-use visual calendar interface. Users can then export the information to Excel and review itineraries to determine opportunities for efficiency improvements and areas of importance. As a company, this is also a great way to be able to effectively bill clients by the hour.

Versions of Klok

Klok Free

The basic version of Klok provides users with a simple dashboard where users can track their time in a visual calendar. They are also able to define multiple projects and export the data to Excel. Drag and drop time entry is also a feature included in the free version.

Klok Pro

If you want the full arsenal of features, Klok Pro will cost $15.99 per license. A license will unlock the enhanced dashboard view, complete with customizable timesheet layouts, automated backups, themes, and MS Exchange and Google Calendar/Docs support.

This version will also give you access to the Klokwork Team Connector, which can help track multiple team members’ time and synchronize projects’ progress between each team member’s Klok dashboard.

Compatibility and Other Information

Klok is available as a free and paid download from the Klok Website. The program is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. There is also a Google Android mobile app in development and will be release shortly. If you are interested in a more project management oriented approach, please take a look at the very capable alternative, Bunker App.

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