New Building Construction Program – Benefits to Energy Efficiency

If you are located within the Enbridge Gas Distribution area and intending to build for commercial, institutional or multi-unit residential occupancy, by following Part 3 of the Ontario Building 2006 – then you may qualify for NBCP savings. The program helps offset the costs of designing more energy-efficient buildings through incentives of $0.10/m3 of annual projected natural gas savings up to $30,000.

To qualify for a New Building Construction Program, your project by adding energy efficient natural gas equipment must be:

  •      A new addition to an existing structure OR
  •      A new structure OR
  •      A major renovation that upgrades the structure to meet MNECM Provisions (i.e. increases floor space by 100m2).
  •      An approved energy simulation program

Two Step Process to Apply

Step 1 – From modeling your business energy performance, a NBCP application form and a copy of a building permit is submitted.

Step 2 – After the project design is finalized, the projected natural gas saving is projected based on building simulation and is based on one of three Simulation Programs based on the “as-built” building:

  •         EE4 submitting the Summary Compliance Report
  •         eQUEST submitting both the PS-E Energy End-Use Summary for all Fuel and Electric Meters
  •         DOE-2

Guidelines to be Awarded Enbridge Funding

Enbridge will calculate project eligibility based on a Simple Payback of up to 8 years as these projects usually have a positive Total Resource Cost (TRC). The formulation for payback is calculated based on the Total Project Incremental Cost/Cost of Annual EEP Volume Saved. The volume saved is a straight formula of m3 saved multiplied by Cost/m3. However, Enbridge will calculate project eligibility on a case by case basis and will consider the costs of materials, installation costs, engineering fees and tax.

Yes, Participate in more than One Enbridge Incentive Program

As this program ensures ongoing benefits in environmental performance and comfort in energy savings and improved marketability in the building, don’t forget to apply to other programs such as Design Assistance Program (DAP) and the new Business Partner Implementation Support Program (BPIP) . The Design Assistance Program supports $3000 incentive toward designing a new building or renovations. The Business Partner Implementation Support Program is unique as it provides support to designers as a $2000 incentive to encourage building owners to take action on energy efficient designs. This program is unique as it offsets the admin costs in providing alternatives and options in reporting and presenting new energy savings in building constructions.

Mentor Works Government Funding Specialists

Mentor Works was pleased to learn in our research and evaluation of programs, that if a building simulation program was not completed at the early stage of new construction, you may still be able to be eligible for an Enbridge incentive funded program. In this situation, consider the New Construction Program (NCP) for building in savings.

If you are seeking funding on other Small Business Funding Grants for new capital equipment or other leasehold improvements, please do not hesitate to evaluate our Mentor Works Blog for additional details on Ontario Government Funding programs.

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