Strengthen Your Willpower to Change Habits

We have all been here: you would like to change something about yourself, but because of time, stress, or other external factors, it seems impossible. In actuality, the problem might just be your perception of these barriers and your willpower to overcome them. We as humans find comfort routines and repetition, making those bad habits hard to break and those good habits difficult to adopt. It is important to analyze your willpower and determine the root cause of your shortcomings. Only then will you truly know how to change yourself to be a better leader.

Assess Your Willpower Through

VitalSmarts addresses the key reasons behind why people have difficulty changing habits. Through their website, they offer a free survey that asks some difficult questions about your perceptions and values related to willpower and self improvement. Are you motivated by others’ perceptions or are you more afraid of the consequences of not changing? How do you encourage yourself to change? Some of the questions might make you think from a different viewpoint.

The results of the survey will automatically generate key sources of influence and how to utilize these in order to help strengthen your willpower. Feel free to take the Survey to determine your sources of influence, including the environment around you, other people, or your own intrinsic qualities and let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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