ICI Capacity Buyback Program: Retrofit Subsidy for Water Use Reduction

Cities around Ontario have made an effort to reduce electricity and water usage in a number of ways, such as introducing the peak energy hour system. However, not all of their initiatives have the potential to increase the end-user’s utilities cost. Cities such as Toronto, York, and Guelph, Ontario are implementing the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) Capacity Buyback Program. Through this program, companies can receive funding to assist with retrofitting of their building in an attempt to incorporate permanent water reduction improvements.

Leasehold Improvement Grant for Water Reduction

Eligibility requirements vary between cities, but basic requirements consist of the following:

  • Your building must reside within the Program’s municipality
  • You must have a water account administered by the Program’s municipality
  • Must be your first water reduction project under the ICI Capacity Buyback Program

Companies interested in applying for this Program must fill out the ICI Capacity Buyback Program Application for your municipality and submit it to the address noted on the form. If you would like more information about this program, please contact your municipality’s representative or contact Mentor Works directly.

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