New Exporters to Border States: Ontario Manufacturing Workshops

Exporting into United States

Ontario manufacturers have unparalleled access to business relationships in the United States. Close proximity to U.S. border crossings increases the speed of delivery times, reduces risk, and ensures a consistent and reliable export relationship. For decades, Ontario manufacturers have benefited from these relationships for decades, however early-stage manufacturers often face knowledge barriers that prevent their business from developing export markets.

Business professionals seeking to build skills and knowledge to help their Ontario manufacturing company expand should first attend an export training seminar. Provided by the International Trade Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation, New Exporters to Border States (NEBS) will assist business owners and executives to become more familiar with Canada-United States export and trade relationships.

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New Exporters to Border States Programs for Export Expansion

Manufacturing businesses operating in Ontario for at least one year have the opportunity to receive vital export market expansion tools through two options. NEBS facilitates two programs, including a half-day seminar and a full two-day program.

New Exporters to Border States: Full Program

Designed for businesses that have never exported to the United States, participants will be transported by a chartered bus from Toronto to Buffalo, New York for a two-day program on export fundamentals. This includes:

  • Currency exchange and business forecasting options;
  • Procedures for clearing U.S. customs;
  • Marketing and sales procedures;
  • Taxation and legal/financial considerations;
  • Financing and insuring export growth;
  • U.S. travel and immigration restrictions; and
  • Agent and distributor identification.

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New Exporters to Border States: Half-Day Seminar

Similar to the two-day export session, businesses will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of issues in a half-day seminar format. These seminars are ideal for manufacturing business professionals who have some experience with exporting but wish to expand their knowledge. Participants can expect to learn about:

  • Currency exchange and banking options;
  • Immigration and business travel requirements;
  • Legal and tax considerations;
  • Customs documentation procedures; and
  • Provincial and federal trade services.

Register for New Exporters to Border States (NEBS) Workshops

NEBS programs are offered on a quarterly-basis. To find the next workshop your business can attend, search the Government of Ontario’s Calendar of Trade Events.

Ontario-based manufacturers interested in participating in the New Exporters to Border States program must contact the following trade officer to receive a registration form:

Debbie Walker, Director, Community Export Development

Canadian Government Grants for Exporting

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