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The Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) association recognizes that some businesses in Canada are struggling to find the skilled labourers that they need to continue growth and expansion. Other businesses are turning to advanced technologies as a tactic to stay competitive in international markets. In response to this growing need, Path2Work has been developed to assist firms in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia by matching them with Internationally Trained Engineers (ITEs) and Technicians and Technologists (ITTs). This program will allow businesses to find suitable talent to utilize advanced technologies through matchmaking activities.

Goals and Objectives of Path2Work

Path2Work assists ITEs and ITTs in integrating into the Canadian labour market, thus helping businesses with skill shortages. Candidates of the program are able to gain valuable work experience for accreditation and licensure, while employers are given the ability to access a large pool of qualified applicants. Overall, Canadian manufacturing businesses are able to find the employee that they need to achieve greater success and business growth. The program hopes to reduce unexplored opportunities by increasing the visibility of qualified candidates.

Why Hire Skilled Internationally Trained Workers?

Your participation in the Path2Work program would provide experience to the number of highly-skilled manufacturing professionals in Canada. ITTs and ITEs are already permanent residents in Canada and therefore provide reliable staffing solutions for your business.

  • Candidates are experienced, skilled and ready to perform job tasks;
  • Candidates are eager and motivated to demonstrate their skills and experience; and
  • Candidates have been pre-screened and completed a qualification assessment.

What is the Cost of Path2Work for Businesses?

Path2Work is a free matching service provided by CME. There is no cost to manufacturers or internationally trained workers alike, therefore allowing for maximum benefit.

Getting Started with Path2Work Hiring Program

If you are interested in learning more about how you could hire a skilled worker to aid in your manufacturing business:

Email Diane de Jong, CME Path2Work Program, or call (905) 627-3466.

Find Canadian Government Grants for Small Business

While CME’s Path2Work program is an excellent resource for finding and connecting with skilled workers, Canadian small business grants can help you advance your workforce with new or improved skills and certifications. The Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) covers up to 66% of third-party training costs related to in-demand skillsets. Alternately, the FedDev Ontario Training Program may provide up to 50% non-repayable funding support up to $50,000 to established Ontario manufacturers wishing to improve their international competitiveness via internal or third-party training programs.

Learn about Canadian Small Business Grants and Loans

Like CME’s ability to help businesses find and attract qualified workers, Mentor Works specializes in helping businesses find and leveraging funding. Through free tools such as our wage subsidy identifier and free webinars on small business grants for manufacturers, Mentor Works is able to help you discover and apply for funding programs. Can government funding integrate into your business’ hiring through Path2Work program? Contact Mentor Works and let us provide consultation for your current business needs. You can connect with us over social media at any time, simply follow us on Twitter or follow us through LinkedIn.

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