Why Team Collaboration is Critical to Success

Leadership and Teamwork in Business

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”
– Michael Jordan

I’ve always been an avid sports fan. Having played and watched sports throughout my entire life, they have become ingrained in my personality, interests, and discussions. As a child I was involved in several sports, but developed a true passion for basketball in particular. Through most of grade school and part of high school, I played for varsity and rep league teams, which required an intense commitment to learning and improving my skills. However, as I became busier with school and other social engagements, I found myself lacking the time to go out and play basketball the way I used to. As I entered third year of high school, I realized that I needed to spend more time studying than chasing rebounds.

Missing the Teamwork Mentality

The end of my “illustrious” basketball career led me to direct more energy towards critical and analytical thinking. I was always interested in sports analytics, so the progression into business analytics and finance was natural. These analytic skills proved useful in mathematics and finance, and would help propel me into Brock University’s Business Administration program. While this was beneficial for my school and career success, not playing basketball had created a void in my life that was difficult to fill. Especially after graduating as a finance major, I realized that I missed being part of a team. I missed all those years of spending weekends with my fellow teammates, being relied on as an integral piece of the team’s success, and celebrating victories with everyone.

Joining New Teams Showed me the Benefits of Teamwork

Since my university graduation, two things have occurred that have allowed me to fill this lack of team participation.

  1. I joined the Mentor Works team; and
  2. I joined a men’s league basketball team.

As a new member of Mentor Works’ team, I have relied on the importance of teamwork in learning and becoming familiar with the various aspects of Canadian government funding. The knowledge and experience of my co-workers has contributed to the success I’ve been able to realize since beginning this role a short time ago.

The basketball league I’ve joined is very competitive and hosts a lot of great talent. As a team, we must trust each member, learn to identify specific problems, and develop strategies on how to improve. Successful teamwork leads to more wins, and enables my team to win against others who may outmatch us in skill alone. Ultimately, the team formulation and sticking to a game plan enables victory.

Teamwork, whether it is in business or part of a basketball team, can only be successful if members of the team combine their efforts and strive for a common goal. Since joining both of my new teams, I have re-embraced the theory that great things can happen when individuals work together. It’s also furthered my ability to overcome failures.

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The Benefits of Teamwork on Performance

Being part of a team gives me the opportunity to be both a leader and a supporter of my teammates. We all have unique roles, and since joining the teams I understand that combining our individual perspectives, experience, and skills can solve the most complex of problems. We play smart, identify goals, and execute based on each of our individual skill sets. Winning as a team is always a nice feeling, but losing as a team is potentially more important. Failures provide the ability to recognize and learn from mistakes, enabling the team’s overall growth and cohesiveness.

Teamwork is a skill that every successful business must harness. It inspires collaboration and motivation within the workplace and enables employees to access multiple talents. To achieve this state, all team members must understand their strengths, weaknesses, and roles. Although a simple concept, it’s important not to underestimate the power of teamwork and what can be accomplished as a result. By providing a greater focus on teamwork, your business can achieve more and grow.

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