Top 5 Canadian Government Funding Resources of 2015

We have been busy this year, striving to educate Canadian businesses on funding available to them. Over the last 12 months, Mentor Works has completely overhauled our website, continued to provide daily Canadian small business funding news, and built our library of Free Funding Resources. We have further improvements in the pipeline for 2016, but would like to ensure that our readers are benefitting from our funding resources, so we have profiled our five most popular resources in this article. Please feel free to access them below and let us know if you have any suggestions for future content in the comment section.

Canadian Small Business Funding Guide (White Paper)

Canadian Business Funding Guide

This is our most comprehensive funding resource, filled with information on the various sources of Canadian government funding, including how to qualify for funding, how recipients obtain funds, application tips, and how to optimize the funding amount for each program. Did you know that over $684 billion in Canadian government subsidies have been provided to businesses since 1981? Whether you’re new to funding or are looking for additional information, this guide will provide answers and tactics to assist your business with accessing funding as a growth strategy.

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When to Apply for Canadian Government Funding (Slides)

When to Apply for Canadian Government Funding

One critical component to evaluating a funding program is determining when to apply. Some funding programs, typically grants and repayable funding, require applicants to apply and receive formal approval before carrying out the expenses related to the awarded funding, while others cover retroactive expenses. It’s also important to know each program’s application intake periods. This resource will dive into the importance of timing and provide tips on applying to the right program at the right time.

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Business Funding Cycle (Infographic)

Canadian Business Funding Cycle

Accessing Canadian government funding requires a solid business funding cycle. By determining what strategic projects your business will carry out, companies are able to select the most appropriate funding programs based on their budget, timelines, and project outcomes. This infographic explains the business funding cycle and how to approach funding in order to ensure that you are applying for the most appropriate program with an optimized budget and scope.

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Compare Funding Types (Info Sheet)

Compare Canadian Government Funding TypesFor businesses new to government funding, it can be difficult to determine when to leverage Canadian government grants, tax incentives, or repayable funding. Each funding type has its pros and cons. This info sheet helps Canadian businesses to identify when to use different types of funding to help support retroactive and future costs as a cash flow planning tool. If your business has not received funding, this is a valuable resource to read before you get started.

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Canadian Government Funding Weekly Newsletter

Canadian government funding newsletter

Our daily government funding blog provides continuous updates on Canadian small business grants, loans, and repayable funding programs. This is one of our primary methods of educating the business community of funding they should be applying for. We offer a free weekly newsletter that brings the top funding articles to your mailbox each Monday in an easy-to-read format so you never have to worry about missing a funding launch, deadline, or update again.

Mentor Works will continue to develop and release free funding resources in 2016; subscribing to the newsletter will make sure you receive updates on new funding tools as they’re released.

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