June U.S. Biotechnology Conference is the Largest of its Kind

Over 15,000 visitors and exhibitors will gather in late June for the world’s largest biotechnology conference in Washington, DC. Your company could attend, thanks to the International Trade Branch, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, which will help eight Ontario biotech companies exhibit with affordable display space and shared conveniences and services. Chosen companies will be provided with pre-conference and on-site support as well.

When: June 27-30, 2011

Where: Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC, United States

Subsidize the Event Expenses through Government Funding

Mentor Works can help interested businesses finance up to 50% of the event’s expenses through the Export Market Access government funding mechanism. The grant covers costs such as travel, lodging, and booth materials up to $30,000. To learn more, please fill out the Get Started form today. If expenses are less than $30,000, consider other upcoming events to utilize this funding.

Register Now

If you are interested in attending this event, please contact Patricia Cosgrove by emailing her at patricia.cosgrove@ontario.ca or calling her at 1 (416) 212-1030.


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