Client Spotlight

Canada-Ontario Job Grant Supports Training of 38 Employees

A Toronto-based insurance agency recently sought to provide emotional intelligence training for seven of its management-level employees. A training vendor they found to carry out the program informed them that using government grants could help more employees receive these valuable skills.

After applying for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG), the insurance

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$41k in Training Grants Awarded to McLean Hallmark

McLean Hallmark Insurance Group Ltd., is a Toronto-based insurance broker that provides comprehensive insurance coverage for clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Their ‘Solutions Beyond Insurance’ approach focuses on clients’ total cost of risk and helps them access an extensive network of resources, both internal and external, to offer professional

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Technical Call Centre Receives +$330k in Business Funding to Develop Workforce

Since 2014, a southwestern Ontario technical call centre has optimized project cash flows by leveraging Canadian government grants. The company has taken advantage of multiple growth opportunities by targeting funding programs that support workforce development. To do this, this client has integrated their strategic planning approach with funding opportunities to reduce

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Over $150k in Ontario Small Business Grants Awarded to La Rocca Creative Cakes

Since identifying key funding opportunities in 2016, La Rocca Creative Cakes has successfully been awarded over $150,000 in Ontario small business grants. The company has targeted funding programs that support capital investment and workforce development initiatives. The manufacturer has integrated funding into their strategic planning process to identify funding opportunities

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