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2023 Recap: Over $183 Million in Funding Won for Our Clients 

2023 was another successful year for Mentor Works, a Ryan company. Channeling our values of trust, integrity, and excellence into our work has yet again proved to be successful. Through a combination of long-term client partnerships and new partnerships formed in 2023, we were able to secure $183 million in Canadian government funding programs this year for our clients through various grants, loans, tax credits, and wage subsidies. But our success in 2023 was not just about numbers. It was also about the impact we had on the lives of the business owners we worked with. We saw the passion, hard work, and determination of our clients firsthand, and we felt privileged to be a part of their journeys. Since 2008, we have helped Canadian businesses withstand numerous challenges by reducing the risk associated with strategic growth projects.  

For over 25 years, our team has remained focused on reducing financial restraints for companies across Canada. 

We are Canada’s largest government funding application writing and consulting team. Our experts help businesses navigate the complex and often confusing world of government funding by demystifying what grants, loans, and tax credits each business is eligible for. Our team of grants specialists work tirelessly to ensure that our clients’ applications are of the highest quality, increasing their chances of approval and making the process as seamless as possible. Over the course of 2023, we’ve seen local small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) level businesses expand their operations, hire more employees, and innovate their products and services – all thanks to the support of government funding. This is the positive impact our team leaves behind as we push the limits of the Canadian funding landscape. 

“When we think grants, we just think of Mentor Works – it’s just that easy!”


As part of the Ryan family, we’ve been able to combine our offerings with their expertise in tax recovery, compliance, and consulting, we are now a powerhouse in the Canadian business support space. This includes offering our clients access to R&D tax credits through Canada’s single largest source of federal funded business support in the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program. Our combined skills and resources allow us to provide businesses with a holistic suite of services that helps them achieve their goals and grow sustainably. 

As we close the book on 2023, we look forward to the journey ahead. Together, we’ve celebrated successes, overcome obstacles, and grown stronger as a community. 

While we have always been Canada’s #1 trusted grant writers, our breadth of expertise is now greater than ever before, and our combined efforts have yielded monumental results in changing our clients’ businesses. We proudly facilitated the securing of over $183 million in government funding won from 70+ programs for our clients and worked with over 350 Canadian businesses. Among our greatest accomplishments are successful substantial awards surpassing nearly $56 million and $45 million, from crucial economic support initiatives like the Invest Ontario Fund (IOF) and the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF).  

Our team helped businesses win funding through capital investments and technological advancement initiatives, propelling businesses into the future by advancing their productivity and output through new innovative technology. Simultaneously, our team helped support the Canadian job market, aiding businesses in securing grants for hiring and training such as those under the Canada Job Grant (CJG) to help employers hire in 2023. In addition, we helped to foster growth, pushing businesses to extend their reach and sharpen their advantage in the marketplace through business expansion programs such as CanExport which supports entry to new foreign markets and the Business Productivity Scale-Up (BSP) Program to help them grow their business. Our years of experience proved to be more successful than ever as we supported businesses nationwide.  

More Funding Towards Sustainability and Job Retention 

In 2023, our team noticed a shift towards sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices within the funding landscape. Governments increasingly prioritize projects that demonstrate a commitment to reducing environmental impacts and fostering community and social responsibilities. This shift is evident in the overarching narrative of funding criteria across programs and also in the applications we have written the past year.  

There is a clear surge in companies aligning their missions with environmentally conscious practices and implementing sustainable frameworks into core strategies. As a result, most of our applications involved supporting companies with revolutionary research and development (R&D)  projects. As a government grants consulting firm, we witnessed the evolving landscape firsthand, assisting companies in multiple industries such as electrical vehicle (EV), automotive, energy, and cleantech as they integrate ESG elements into the grant application process.  

By supporting companies as they create new job opportunities, promote sustainable practices, and develop strategic partnerships, we contributed significantly to the nation’s economic resilience and environmental stewardship over the course of 2023. As we reflect on our collective achievements, we take pride in the role we’ve played in empowering communities and laying a foundation for a more prosperous and sustainable future for all Canadians. 

“We’re really focused on helping the Canadian government transform our economy into a net-zero economy.”

Stephanie Tenneson, Director of Client Services  

Creating Value in the Funding Process  

Throughout our history, we’ve earned a distinguished reputation among Canadian companies as top grant writers. Our well-known value proposition is built upon three great strengths within the funding process: our unmatched time savings of up to 95%, our knowledgeable stacking of federal funding opportunities, and our remarkable approval rate history. However, in 2023 our evolution continued – our extensive network spanning Strategic Partners and Industry Associations empowered us to seamlessly navigate diverse sectors within the Canadian economy. 

Our expertise not only nurtured long-term client relationships but also acted as a catalyst for us to feel confident taking on new clients. We ensured a comprehensive understanding, immersing ourselves in industry-related policies, competitors, and suppliers, drawing vital intelligence from our rich repository of information. This depth of knowledge has significantly bolstered our ability to assist clients, as evidenced by our breakthrough into the less-charted Critical Minerals industry this year. Our focus not only aligns with funding prospects but more crucially, with our clients’ unique needs.  

Additionally, the recent acquisition by Ryan has further enriched our capabilities. Leveraging their tax expertise to help Canadian businesses apply for the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) program or exploring tax credits, we seamlessly transformed into a holistic one-stop solution for our clients. This integration of knowledge and resources enhances our ability to provide comprehensive support, creating a new chapter in our journey.  

Our funding resources provide businesses with access to crucial funding information, guidelines, and industry information.  

Going Beyond Traditional Borders  

Amid the challenging landscape of the pandemic, pivoting to the virtual realm became our best bet. Committed to empowering Canadian businesses with insights into government grants, we channelled those efforts through engaging and informative webinars. 2023 also marked a significant shift as we ventured into reaching and supporting businesses from coast to coast. 

As the pandemic’s shadow gradually receded, our presence at trade shows surged exponentially. Our participation extended beyond mere attendance, encompassing panel discussions, collaborative showcases, and partner-hosted events spanning Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Quebec. Expanding our horizons, we have started forging program relations in Western and Atlantic Canada. Many businesses, previously unaware of solutions like ours, were introduced to our offerings for the first time. Our footprint is extending into numerous industries, showcasing an active pursuit of expansion and engagement in previously untapped territories. 

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The Mentor Works Team  

In the past year, our team has flourished in many ways, fostering a vibrant mix of experienced and new consultants. There is always an electric buzz of enthusiasm resonating across Mentor Works. Our consultants have seamlessly transitioned from delivering compelling presentations on federal policies to crafting impactful support letters, all while exhibiting a genuine eagerness to delve deeper into the unique demands of our diverse clientele. 

“Our consultants don’t just like to write, but rather they truly embody their role and understand the impact of the work they are doing. They’re so invested in the funding process.”

Melissa Corey, Director of Client Services

As our Sales teams embarked on an immersive journey across Canada, it wasn’t merely about presenting ourselves but about establishing genuine connections. This concerted effort sustained our funding endeavors and also sparked discussions that resonated with numerous industries and businesses, winning their trust and loyalty in the process. 

The year 2023 stands out as an era of unparalleled collaboration across our teams. We evolved into a cohesive unit—a unified government grants practice where the Operations, Sales, and Marketing became a harmonious whole. Proactivity became our guiding principle, fuelling our business functions with an awareness of each team’s collective needs. We’ve worked together to forge a team with strong bonds and  nurturing environment where mutual support thrived alongside our relentless pursuit for funding excellence. 

Looking Ahead to 2024 

At Mentor Works, A Ryan Company, our adaptability and commitment to innovation sets us apart. While our criteria for client eligibility was once stringent, we’ve embraced a transformative shift, recognizing the need to broaden our client base. Embracing the realm of automation, we realized that even smaller businesses possess the ability to thrive within the funding landscape. We are committed to standing alongside visionaries to implement effective strategies to take Canadian businesses into the future. 

From a funding perspective, 2024 signals a focus on environmental impact initiatives. The Federal Fall Statement 2023 highlighted the need for businesses to embody environmental consciousness. We aspire to help businesses maximize their funding potential by working collaboratively to visualize compelling narratives that align with these evolving priorities. Our vision extends beyond mere financial support—we identify and champion talent and projects that have the potential to uplift and transform the Canadian economy. As we open our doors to more businesses, aiding them in crafting growth strategies that foster resilience and progress. 
Our vision for the future paints a picture of a greater Canada—a landscape brimming with opportunities and growth. We’re eagerly anticipating an exhilarating year ahead, filled with promise, innovation, and collaborative strides towards a prosperous and sustainable future. 

Get in touch with us today to receive funding support and learn about our services. Download our Business Funding Guide to prepare for funding opportunities in the year ahead.  

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