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Federal Government Invests $44.5M in 201 R&D Projects

The Canadian federal government is investing a combined total of $44.5M into 201 research & development-related projects from Canadian companies that help to tackle challenges in environmental sustainability, advanced manufacturing, and health care.

This funding helps support 201 research collaboration projects between academia, industry, and Canada’s federal scientists.

The federal government has not released the full list of 201 projects that will be receiving funding, but some highlights from the programs announced can be found below. Many of the funding investments are to Ontario universities for purchasing new equipment that will help Canada accelerate their R&D for various challenges.

Highlighted Research & Development Projects Funded

  • University of Toronto $3 million was allocated towards a platform equipment investment through the Materials for Clean Fuels Challenge program to help accelerate the discovery of materials for clean fuels.
  • Concordia University $2.4 million through the Disruptive Technology Solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy Challenge program for Concordia University to scale up its genome foundry with a range of new technologies. The goal is to ultimately accelerate the engineering of cells for regenerative medicine and immunotherapy applications.
  • University of Waterloo $2.6 million to purchase equipment to develop and characterize metal additive manufacturing powders and parts. This investment will help the University of Waterloo and the NRC identify innovative solutions to improve the quality and reduce the costs of feedstock materials used for additive manufacturing, which will result in producing better products for Canadians.
  • 11 R&D Projects from 16 Various Companies$730,000+ through the High-throughput and Secure Networks Challenge program to support 11 projects as part of a consortium of 16 organizations working on research and development for optical satellite communications to improve telecommunication networks in rural and remote regions across Canada.

Find Other Research & Development Funding Programs

If your business is currently conducting R&D projects that you believe to be innovative to your industry, view the list of Canadian government research & development grant and loan programs on our program directory page.

Download our Collaborative Research Project Guide to learn how your business can take advantage of local College & University resources towards your R&D projects while accessing funding from the federal and provincial governments.

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