Mitacs Accelerate: Ph.D. Fellowship Grant for R&D Internships

Mitacs Accelerate Canadian Research Funding for Business Innovation Projects

The Mitacs Accelerate Ph.D. Fellowship grant is a small business funding program that provides companies with access to a Ph.D. fellow for up to three years. This program is designed to assist small businesses in Canada meet technical and research challenges through partnerships with academia. Research fellows are assigned to the project for three years and work with the company and their Ph.D. supervisor, including access to post-secondary facilities and resources.

The program operates on an annual call for applications that opens in the spring/summer for fellowships beginning the following January.

Internships & Research Grants via Mitacs Accelerate PhD Fellowships

The Mitacs Accelerate Ph.D. stream is a business funding program that provides industry with access to Canada’s top researchers. Companies can apply to host a Ph.D. fellow at their facility for up to three years to work on designated research projects.

The Ph.D. fellow will spend 50% of their time at the company’s facilities, and the other half of the time at their university. This time split ensures that fellows have access to a range of diverse resources throughout the project.

Fellows can be assigned to address a variety of research challenges in a business that include manufacturing, technical innovation, business process, IT, and design. Fellows can come from a range of disciplines including: natural sciences, social sciences, and business.

How much funding is available?

Businesses interested in applying for grants to host a Ph.D. fellow to work within their facility on designated research projects for up to three years can apply for Mitacs Accelerate during their next call for proposals. Businesses will be provided with up access to a leading Canadian researcher and up to $54,000 in in-kind contributions. Companies must contribute up to $36,000 to the project cost, or $12,000 per year that the project is running.

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