R&D Project Hiring Grants for Interns and PhD Fellows

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Funded by the Government of Ontario, the R&D Project Hiring Grants program provides a unique opportunity for businesses to hire an academic researcher for a 4-12 month period. This will enable businesses to break through innovation challenges and complete projects otherwise impossible or too costly.

Ontario businesses can receive up to 50% of wages to a maximum of $10,000 in Ontario research grants for hiring post-secondary graduates for four months, while companies who hire PhD fellows for 12 months may receive up to $35,000 in cash and in-kind professional development resources.

R&D Project Hiring Grants Program: Internship and Fellowship Streams

R&D Project Hiring Grants are divided into two unique streams, the (1) Internship funding, and (2) Fellowship funding.

R&D Project Hiring Grants: Internship Component

This stream of the program focuses on hiring current college and university students, post-secondary graduates, and Masters graduates to complete internal research projects. Each four-month internship is valued at $20,000, including $10,000 in Ontario government grants provided by OCE. Businesses are required to provide the other $10,000 in cash and in-kind contributions.

Each business can claim up to 6 internship units (of 4 months each) per application. These units can be used to hire a research student for up to 24 months, or up to 6 researchers for 4 months each. The Internship stream provides a total maximum value of $60,000 for Ontario businesses.

R&D Project Hiring Grants: Fellowship Component

Alternately, the Fellowship stream supports the hiring of Ontario-based PhD graduates and post-doctoral fellows to assist industry-led research and development projects. Unlike the Internship stream, each fellowship is valued at $85,000 per unit, including $35,000 in contributions from OCE, and $50,000 in cash and in-kind funding from the business.

Each business can claim up to 2 fellowship units (of 12 months) per application. These units can be used to employ one PhD graduate or post-doctoral fellow for 24 months, or two researchers for 12 months each. The Fellowship stream provides a total maximum value of $70,000 in Ontario business funding.

Business Eligibility for R&D Project Hiring Grants

Ontario-based businesses must be eligible for R&D Project Hiring Grants to successfully receive government funding. This requires that:

  • The company is for-profit and can provide the necessary cash or in-kind contributions;
  • The company has a valid Business Number (BN) provided by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA);
  • The company must use results to benefit the Province of Ontario.

Apply for Research Project Hiring Grants

 To ensure that your business can capitalize on this round of funding, begin planning the research project and identify skills required in a prospective intern. You can start this process, businesses can download Mentor Works’ Canadian Small Business Funding Guide and How to Recruit Top Talent slides. These will inform business owners and help them to plan their hiring needs/process.

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