Energy Innovation Program (EIP) CleanTech Grants

Energy Innovation Program Cleantech Grants for Research and Development

The Government of Canada’s vision for a low-carbon economy has created numerous opportunities for businesses across the country. New incentives, such as the Energy Innovation Program (EIP), provide small business grants for clean technology research and development. This critical source of research and development funding helps companies bring their innovations to market faster, and strengthens the Canadian economy.

The Energy Innovation Program (EIP) provides up to 50-75% of project costs to a maximum of $5 million for businesses completing cleantech research, development, and demonstration projects. Projects that are eligible for the program will seek to produce/use energy in a cleaner and more efficient way previously unavailable.

EIP’s Clean Energy Innovation program has an upcoming application deadline set for October 31, 2016. Continue reading to discover if your business and project are a good fit for the Energy Innovation Program.

Energy Innovation Program: Clean Energy Innovation Projects

There are two streams of grants that can be applied for through the Energy Innovation Program. This includes:

1. Research and Development Projects

Up to 75% of a business’ total project costs to a maximum $5 million may be requested for projects such as:

  • Applied research related to the early-stage development of new innovative clean technologies;
  • Developing, assessing, testing, and integrating innovative equipment, software, and methodologies;
  • Developing energy-related codes and standards, regulations, and testing procedures designed to reduce/eliminate barriers to cleantech integration;
  • Pre-demonstration field trials; and
  • Assessments or characterization studies.

2. Demonstration Projects and Front-End Engineering Design Studies (FEED)

Up to 50% of a business’ total project costs to a maximum $5 million may be requested for projects such as:

  • The installation of pre-commercial technologies;
  • Modification to existing processes, equipment, or systems to accommodate new innovative technologies;
  • Installation of equipment or infrastructure to support one or more demonstrations; and
  • Conducting studies on the technical, financial, and regulatory requirements to complete a demonstration project (FEED studies).

Please Note: Both streams of the Energy Innovation Program require applicants to request cleantech grants of $300,000 or more. This means that Research and Development projects must have project expenses of at least $400,000 while Demonstration and FEED projects must have project expenses of at least $600,000.

Project Priority Areas: Energy Innovation Program

All projects, regardless of the stream of funding being applied for, must fit at least one of the following strategic priority areas:

  • Improving industrial efficiency;
  • Carbon capture, use and storage;
  • Renewable, smart grid and storage systems;
  • Reducing diesel use by industrial operators (northern and remote communities);
  • Addressing methane and volatile organic compounds (VOCs); and
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the building sector.

Applicants Eligible to Receive EIP CleanTech Research Grants

Entities eligible to participate in the Energy Innovation Program must be incorporated or registered within Canada and include:

  • For-profit businesses;
  • Electricity and gas utilities;
  • Industry associations;
  • Research associations;
  • Academic institutions;
  • Standards organizations;
  • Aboriginal and community groups; and
  • Government departments and agencies.

How to Apply for Energy Innovation Program CleanTech Grants

Application proposals must be submitted to Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) by October 31, 2016. Applications may be obtained from NRCAN by submitting an online form detailing your company and project information.

If you would like to confirm your eligibility for the Energy Innovation Program and accelerate the application process, please contact a Government Funding Planner for tools and resources required to successfully connect you to this cleantech funding program; apply now to ensure your application is submitted before the program closes.

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