Canada-Alberta Job Grant Promotes $29M Awarded for Skills Training

Canada-Alberta Job Grant Funding for Training Employees in Western Canada

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) is a small business grant providing businesses with grants to train their employees. Companies can offset third-party training costs by up to 66%, enabling employers to develop a more skilled workforce.

As of June 2016, more than $29 million in funding has been claimed by Canada-Alberta Job Grant applicants. Over 2,400 employers have been successful in obtaining grants from the program, and the funding awarded has meant that over 5,700 training sessions have been provided.

A wide range of training programs may be eligible for funding through the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, including health and safety courses, project management, leadership skills, and software training.  At least $17.5 million will be allocated to the program during 2016-2017, consider applying to reduce the cost of your next training program.

What Types of Training Does the Canada-Alberta Job Grant Cover?

Alberta’s CAJG program supports workforce development and the upskilling of workers through certified third-party training programs. Ideally, employees who participate in the training will be eligible for title promotions and wage increases as result of their newly obtained skills.

Examples of eligible training programs include:

  • Third-party training where a certified trainer is paid to provide a course to employees;
  • College and university courses; and
  • Product vendor training for ERP systems or other hardware/software.

How Much Can Businesses Receive to Provide Employee Training?

Employers are able to receive up to 66% of training costs to a maximum $10,000 per employee trained through the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. In total, employers may receive up to $300,000 per year to provide employee training programs.

CAJG applicants may include any of the following expense items for reimbursement through training grants:

  • Third-party trainer fees;
  • Course registration fees;
  • Final exam or practical testing expenses;
  • Course materials and textbooks; and
  • Independent training software.

How Can Businesses Apply for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant?

Companies can apply for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant throughout the year; the program operates with an ongoing submission of applications. Applicants must receive approval for training grants prior to conducting the training for the project to be eligible, so applicants must apply prior to incurring any costs.

Applications require approximately 3 weeks to receive approval; companies are encouraged to plan their submission thoroughly to account for the review process.

Businesses interested in applying for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant may contact Mentor Works to confirm your eligibility for the program. Our team of Government Funding Planners can also highlight other business funding opportunities, and assist your company to submit applications.

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