Health Technologies Fund – Apply for MedTech Funding by June 21, 2017

Health Technologies Fund – Apply by June 21, 2017

The Health Technologies Fund (HTF) is a government grant designed to support the development of made-in-Ontario health technologies. By accelerating evaluation, procurement, adoption, and diffusion in Ontario’s healthcare sector, HTF ensures that technology developers have a more direct pathway towards commercializing innovative healthcare solutions.

To participate in the program, Ontario tech developers need to form a Health Innovation Team (HIT) comprised of public healthcare providers and academic researchers. By collaborating with technology users and testers, companies can use the knowledge gained to improve their technology and prepare for future sales.

Medical technology (medtech) developers may receive up to 50% of eligible project costs to a maximum $500,000 in Ontario government grants.

To access HTF, Ontario medtech developers must prepare and submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) containing details about their technology and Health Innovation Team. The current deadline to submit applications is June 21, 2017.

Health Technologies Fund – MedTech Grants for Ontario SMEs

Healthcare innovations are in high demand globally; this means technology developers have an opportunity to apply modern science and create market-ready solutions. The Province of Ontario is a hub for high-growth technology developers; to strengthen this position, Ontario government grants such as the Health Technologies Fund have been created.

HTF supports collaborative partnerships between businesses, public healthcare providers, and post-secondary researchers to develop medical software and mobile devices. Currently, there is a focus on innovations delivering better home and community care.

Businesses prototyping, evaluating, adopting, or diffusing healthcare technologies may receive up to 50% of project expenses to a maximum $500,000 in Ontario government grants.

Projects Well-Suited for Health Technology Fund Grants

During this second call of HTF applications, only two project types will be considered for funding. Previously, health technology prototypes received funding; however, this time grants will only be extended for:

  1. Pre-Market Evaluations: Up to $500,000 in medtech research grants to validate the technology. Activities should result in the adoption and procurement of the technology by Ontario healthcare providers.
  2. Early Adoptions: Up to $500,000 in medical technology research funding Health Innovation Teams (HITs) to implement a validated technology across multiple settings; this helps expand the solution’s clinical and economic evidence. Activities may include scaling training, establishing standards to facilitate integration into broader health systems, and development of an innovation procurement plan.

Funding Focus: Better Care Closer to Home

An important qualification of the Health Technologies Fund is its focus on home healthcare devices. The ‘Better Care Closer to Home’ initiative seeks to deliver better coordinated and integrated care in the community, closer to home.

Only research and development projects related to home and community care through virtual, digital and mobile health-care technologies are being prioritized for funding.

Become Eligible: Develop a Health Innovation Team

To participate in the program, businesses must form a Health Innovation Team (HIT) comprised of at least three participants, including at least one of each following group:

  1. Public Health Services Providers: Including family health teams, community care providers, long-term care homes, Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) and hospitals.
  2. Health Technology Companies: With a research and development, and/or manufacturing presence in Ontario.
  3. Academic Researchers: With expertise in technology adoption and diffusion, evaluation, design and implementation, or health economics.

Projects Successfully Awarded Health Technologies Fund Research Grants

In the 2016-2017 round of Health Technologies Fund, 15 projects were successfully awarded with medtech grants. In total, up to $5.4 million will be provided towards these projects, including:

  • Monitoring and Self-Management for Patients Following Cardiac and Vascular Surgery: Up to $499,313 in grants will be provided to a Hamilton, Ontario-based HIT to design software to help recent surgery patients monitor vital signs even after they’ve returned home. This will help to reduce post-surgery complications and help patients receive additional care if required.
  • Home-Based Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury Patients: Up to $424,638 will be provided to a Toronto, Ontario-based software developer to create a video communications platform. This will connect patients with their healthcare provider to reduce travel and improve recovery times.
  • Youth Mental Health Self-Care Tools: $500,000 has been awarded to a Toronto-based wellness technology developer for creating a digital platform specifically to educate, collaborate, engage, intervene, and coach young adults with mental health challenges.

Apply for OCE’s Health Technologies Fund

To apply for HTF, businesses must complete a two-stage process, including:

  1. Problem Statement Intake: Identifies members of the Health Innovation Team and details the opportunity of a new technology or healthcare platform.
  2. Full Application Intake: Provides a more in-depth review of the medical technology or platform, including specific project plans, budgets, and outcomes.

Prior to application, ensure that research and development projects are well defined and Health Innovation Teams are already established.

2017 Deadlines for Healthcare Innovation Grants

The application period for HTF in 2017 is scheduled as:

  • Problem Statement Intake: June 21, 2017
  • Full Application Intake: August 21, 2017
  • Funding Announcements: September 29, 2017

To discuss whether your project is a good fit for funding through HTF, please contact Mentor Works. Our team of Government Funding Planners can help assess your project and apply by the program’s deadlines.

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