$7M PAIESO Program for Thermal and Photovoltaic Installations

On March 27, 2012, the Canadian Ministry of Natural Resources announced a new grant funding for business program that provides financial support for thermal and photovoltaic (PV) installations for businesses located in Quebec. The program has a budget of $7M and will contribute up to $300,000 per project and aims to provide business funding grants to approximately 150 projects. These types of installations have been proven to offset fossil fuel use. The programme d’aide a l’installation d’equipments solaires operationnels (PAIESO) program will provide:

  • Up to a maximum of 50% in small business government grants for the installation cost of solar thermal systems, which utilize solar energy to pre-heat air or water
  • Or up to 75% in Ontario government grants for solar photovoltaic systems installations for clean electricity generation

PAIESO Government Small Business Funding Grants Details

This funding for small business program began when the realization of solar air heating is one of the most effective uses of solar technology in the industrial and commercial sectors. This Québec government funding program is targeted towards commercial, industrial, institutional, municipal and agricultural installations that are currently burning fossil fuels for power generation in off grid and mini-grid applications. Eligible fossil fuels include:

  • Heavy and light oil
  • Diesel
  • Gasoline
  • Natural gas
  • Propane
  • Butane

Integrating solar photovoltaic into a generator power system has numerous advantages, including increased system redundancy and reliability, reduction of generator runtimes, which reduce maintenance, repair and fuel costs, as well as reduction of noise and greenhouse has emissions. Applications are being accepted until the end of March 2013.

Applying to Government Grants for Small Business

If you are interested in gaining support when applying for the PAIESO Program or other small business government funding mechanisms available to your business, I highly suggest you contact one of our Canadian Government Funding Experts. To receive current updates on other government funding options, sign up for a 60 Minute Workshop or follow us on LinkedIn.

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