AAFC Career Focus Small Business Grants for Agriculture and Agri-Food Eligibility

bigstock-Asian-business-woman-smiling-h-42502204Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) offers the Career Focus program for recent graduates from an industry applicable college or university program.

Career Focus is a grants for hiring recent graduates program that aims to help young workers gain valuable experience that will assist them in attaining full-time employment.

AAFC Career Focus Canada Small Business Grants -Company Eligibility

The AAFC Career Focus program considers the following organizations to be eligible for Canadian small business government grants funding:

  • Farm businesses
  • Industry
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Provincial and municipal governments
  • Associations, boards and councils
  • Colleges and universities

Note:  Organizations that indicate the intent of hiring the intern as permanent staff at the end of the internship are given priority.

AAFC Career Focus Canadian Small Business Government Grants –Employee Eligibility

Interns applying for positions funded by the AAFC Career Focus program must meet the following requirements:

  • Be between the ages of 15 and 30.
  • Unemployed or underemployed
  • Canadian citizen or landed immigrant
  • Recent graduate within 3 years of a college or university program relevant to the agriculture industry, including provincial programs that focus on biological, agricultural and veterinary science or applied technology

Small Business Grants Canada through AAFC Career Focus –Funding Amount

The AAFC Career Focus Program provides funding as a grant for up to 50% of the salary of an intern, to a maximum amount of $20,000. The organization hiring the intern is expected to provide a minimum of 50% of the salary costs. AAFC will match dollar for dollar the organization’s contribution up to the maximum amount. The AAFC Career Focus Funding program will not provide Canadian business grants for positions that are for the summer only or to students who are planning to return to school.

AAFC Career Focus Canadian Government Grants –Application Process

The AAFC Career Focus Grants for Hiring Program has offered an annual opportunity to submit applications for Canadian business grants. During the 6-week timeframe the program is open in the fall, applications are accepted and processed on a first come, first served basis. Organizations are not expected to have a candidate in place until 2 months following the acceptance of their application. Internships can start at any point after April 1, 2014. Annually, this program is expected to fund approximately 80 positions across Canada. Mentor Works recommends having applications submitted to this program as early as possible, in order to ensure there is available funding.

AAFC Career Focus Government Small Business Grants –Application Timeline

Applications are accepted in fall 2013 between October 1 and November 15. To find out more about this program and how your agricultural organization can take advantage of this opportunity, please contact a government funding expert at Mentor Works.

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