Client Spotlight: Miovision Technologies of Kitchener, Ontario

Miovision creates intelligent solutions for in-house and outsourced traffic data collection, and advanced adaptive signal control. Traffic reports created by Miovision are available with incredible detail, including: vehicle classifications, directional pedestrian counts and bicycle counts in industry standard traffic data formats.

Mentor Works had the opportunity to speak with Miovision Technologies’ Corporate Controller, Lauren Greig, and Aaron Bast, former Miovision CFO,  about how working with Mentor Works Canadian small business grants experts brought them closer to their strategic growth goals.

Why did you decide to use Mentor Works to assist you with the funding procedure?

Lauren Greig states, “There were a few reasons we decided to use Mentor Works including; relationships with funding agencies, knowledge of government funding available and how to craft the application to maximize chance of success, high success rate and ability to assist with our resource capacity issue.”  Aaron Bast goes on to add, “Mentor Works was knowledgeable, upfront and made commitments that they delivered on. Not to mention, pricing was very fair for the amount of time the team invested.”

How did working with Mentor Works change your beliefs about government funding?

“We have always aggressively targeted government funding sources but Mentor Works was able to expose us to some additional programs we were unaware of,” said Lauren.

How was the process? What obstacles were removed by working with Mentor Works?

ICTC CareerConnect small business grants for hiring allowed us to move up the start date of a critical hire required to complete development on our new product line,” acknowledges Lauren.

“But more importantly, using Mentor Works definitely increased our odds of success and I would absolutely consider using them again if the opportunity presents,” says Aaron.

What was the most valuable aspect of working with Mentor Works?

A high success rate, knowledgeable staff, and an overall excellent understanding of government funding and how to access specific programs was also why Lauren chose to partner with Mentor Works.  Lauren said that based on her experience she would recommend Mentor Works to her colleagues, family and friends.

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