Agri-Marketing Export Expansion Grants Help Bio-K Plus Enter US Markets

Agri-Marketing Export Grants Awarded to Bio-K Plus

Bio-K Plus International has been awarded up to $50,000 in export marketing grants to expand its presence within Canada and the United States. Canadian government funding will help the company participate in international trade shows and perform global marketing activities to become more competitive.

The funding contribution, provided through Canada’s Agri-Marketing program, will help Bio-K Plus increase global awareness regarding the health benefits of probiotics. The company will also use its export grant to introduce new products into US markets and create new job opportunities.

Agri-Marketing will support up to 50% of eligible project costs to a maximum $50,000 in Canadian export grants. The program helps agri-food producers and processors expand and/or enter new markets by participating in trade events and conduct strategic marketing activities.

Agri-Marketing Export Grants Awards Bio-K Plus $50,000

Bio-K Plus International is a biotech company based out of Laval, Québec that specializes in the research and development of probiotics. The company is dedicated to promoting the health benefits of probiotic products across North America. Since 1994, the company has grown its operations internationally and is now home to more than 100 employees.

To support Bio-K Plus’ continued growth, the company will introduce new probiotic foods and beverages in domestic and international markets. As part of the company’s export strategy, Bio-K will participate in U.S.-based trade shows where it can generate new leads and improve foreign market visibility.

Up to $50,000 in Agri-Marketing export grants will be accessed to offset trade show participation and strategic marketing costs.

Because of this export project, Bio-K Plus plans to expand its business which includes hiring new skilled workers.

Agri-Marketing Grants for Small Business Export Expansion

Agri-Marketing’s Market Development stream provides government funding to help growth-oriented companies expand and develop export revenues. The program helps Canadian businesses offset international trade show participation and strategic export marketing costs to increase their chance of global success. Eligible applicants can receive up to 50% of project costs to a maximum contribution of $50,000 in export marketing grants per year.

Please Note: Agri-Marketing is currently accepting applications but will soon close indefinitely. Businesses must apply by September 30, 2017.

How to Apply for Agri-Marketing Grants

To apply for Agri-Marketing export grants, businesses must submit a highly-detailed application package (30-50 pages) that includes the project work plan and budget. Eligible candidates will also need to provide company financial statements, project endorsement letters, and a completed copy of the program’s online questionnaire. All applications must be submitted by September 30, 2017.

Contact Mentor Works to discuss your business’ eligibility for the Agri-Marketing program. Our team can also provide application support to accelerate your company’s funding process.

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