AgriMarketing Awards Canadian Agriculture Industry’s Ginseng Sector

AgriMarketing Grants via Canadian Agricultural Partnership for Ontario Agriculture and Agri-Food Businesses

The Canadian ginseng sector is the largest field-grown horticultural export in North America. To continue market growth within the Canadian agri-food industry and enhance its competitiveness, the Ontario Ginseng Growers’ Association (OGGA) has received federal government funding support by way of export marketing grants.

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership’s AgriMarketing program has awarded the Ontario Ginseng Growers’ Association with $360,521 in export market expansion funding.

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership’s AgriMarketing program is designed to support export expansion projects undertaken by agri-food and beverage companies to develop an international customer base. This investment will help OGGA strengthen the province’s status as a producer of high-quality, clean, and safe Canadian-grown ginseng.

$360k in Export Market Grants for Canadian Agriculture Industry

The Ontario Ginseng Growers Association (OGGA) is a nonprofit organization representing over 160 producers who grow, harvest, and sell ginseng. The association supports opportunities for research to enhance production and harvesting, as well as the development of marketing strategies for the industry. The OGGA also advocates for partnerships with government and industry associates to support the growing market for ginseng in North America.

AgriMarketing is investing $360k in funding for agricultural projects performed by the OGGA. 

The association will be using the funding to help promote and pursue new international markets, such as India, which will expand demand for Canadian ginseng beyond the traditional Asian markets. Export market grants from AgriMarketing will also help the Ontario Ginseng Growers Association remain ahead of its competitors, increase overall domestic and international market demand, and build awareness to brand ginseng as a premium product.

Canadian Agricultural Partnership’s AgriMarketing: Funding for the Agri-Food Industry

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is a federal-provincial-territorial government funding program providing many streams of financial support for the agri-food industry. One of the federal streams of this program is AgriMarketing.

AgriMarketing is an export marketing grant which helps Canadian agriculture, agri-food, and agri-product businesses promote their products internationally. The program supports projects that address issues of market access, support the sector’s marketing strategies, and occur in priority international markets for the business’ given sector.

AgriMarketing provides Canadian agriculture and agri-food businesses with up to 50% of export project costs to a maximum $50,000 per year.

Examples of activities that are eligible for funding include participation in export trade shows, targeted marketing and advertising, food service promotions and product demonstrations, and technical training for buyers about product handling.

The program is currently open and accepting applications until March 31, 2023 or until funding is depleted.

Canadian agri-food businesses looking to explore export markets can access time-saving resources by downloading Mentor Works’ Business Guide to Export Expansion white paper.

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